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  1. Noreen Moore


    Sad to say one of my co-workers hubby has been on a ventilator for 3 weeks now. Poor guy has severe underlying asthma and is a medical professional as well. PPE has ramped UP now in the hospitals. Neck is killing me. Face shields, masks, and the heavy Littman stethoscope and communication...
  2. Noreen Moore


    Clarifications! Rhino and Corona viruses all cause common colds. However the reason this Corona virus is so virulent is the fact no humans have been subjected to this strain. No one on this earth has immunity. It recently jumped from an animal to another animal to humans. And I forgot how many...
  3. Noreen Moore

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    What soapy thing have I done??? Researched the heck out of Aleppo soap! Waiting for payday to order Laurel Berry Fruit oil! Just can't figure out where in my house I am to pour this all over the floor? (That was a joke!)
  4. Noreen Moore

    New to cold process, please help!

    Love watching the addiction hit others!!! Hee hee hee! You are going to love CP! After a crumbly soap from not gelling I gel all the time. However that crumbly soap? Probably one of my most conditioning lovely soaps! Surprise!!! Happy accident? My math is horrible too! I use both of the calc's...
  5. Noreen Moore

    Comment by 'Noreen Moore' in media '0420201015a.jpg'

    This is my chocolate soap! Chocolate fragrance oil and cocoa powder! Smells yummy!
  6. Noreen Moore

    Scary mistake

    Good advice! I think I will use my funnel pitchers to mix. I have never had an exploding tomato sauce! Have clanked jars together and broke one in hot water bath! I assumed a Ball Mason jar would be safe! Thank you so much! Oh do you use powdered sugar? Saw that in a video. I just use table...
  7. Noreen Moore

    Scary mistake

    So being a novice soaper for about 8 or 9 months now I decided to try some new things. Such as sugar in my liquid. Uh huh! Of course it doesn't dissolve well cold. I made the boneheaded decision to heat up all my sugar aloe gel mix to dissolve the sugar! MISTAKE!!!!! Oh Lord have mercy on my...
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    Australian Pink Clay
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    Argan oil!
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    Without cat sniff!
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    Cat sniff
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  14. Noreen Moore

    Too many additives?

    Real curious on the vinegar. I use aloe vera gel but would love to up the skill set. Are the vinegar soapers using plain white vinegar or cider? I saw some threads on apple cider vinegar. And are there differences or preferences? Odd question but anyone use balsamic? I know beer and wine are...
  15. Noreen Moore

    I did it! Made my first batch!

    Got me some adorable super cheap individual molds from just for the extras! I like having a bit too much just for those cute little molds. Sometimes I even make them a tad bit bigger! Hee hee hee! Rather have a bit too much than not enough.
  16. Noreen Moore

    Advice on beginning colorants and where to buy them, please!

    Just got some from Mad Micas and I am super impressed! I have used from Brambleberry, Nurture Soaps and the samples from Walmart. Only to find out that the Walmart samples were for melt and pour. I purchased from 2 other suppliers that I can't find the name. Really loving my Mad Micas right now...
  17. Noreen Moore

    Newbie to the world of CP soap making - Help needed :)

    I think the CP is very pretty! Now if you are new to CP it is important to know citrus essential oils fade. The scent will fade. And yes some soaps scents will change after a 4 to 6 week cure. Since I fell head over heels for this craft I learned of essential oils that are multiple times...
  18. Noreen Moore

    Bit of a boo boo

    Well these are wonderful tips! Absolutely! And I created a monster! OMG!:eek: So my "lovely" blends l mixed? Smelled nice at first! However since unmolding and slicing? What have I done? Probably one of my prettiest hanger swirls and I adore this texture of the soap! However... I had to cover...
  19. Noreen Moore

    Bit of a boo boo

    Just used another FO from same company without issue! And now incorporating into oils before adding lye/aloe mixture helps I think. Learning CP on the internet is interesting to say the least! Everyone has their own methods. I got real brave and made a few fragrance oil concoctions mixing...
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