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  1. JackiK

    Are you able to price your soaps what they're really worth?

    Not trying to hijack this thread, but I made a bedspread one time out of fine cotton thread. Someone asked me how much and I told them at $10.00 an hour, the cost would be $1500.00. The look on their face was priceless!
  2. JackiK

    RLI Insurance?

    I, too, found the guild the best route. My only advice is to make sure the limit you're getting is not a "shared limit." I never would have thought to ask until one of the agents from another firm pointed it out. Not sure what the $150 premium covers, but the best price I found outside the...
  3. JackiK

    Tea bags for the bath?

    Hey, guys! Long time, no post. Life got busy. I jumped on the bath tea wagon a while back, but learned some lessons I don't mind sharing. First, do research on the herbs you want and what they're useful for. Second, enhance them with essential oils. You can mix herbs that have like...
  4. JackiK

    Help with labels and stickers

    Yes, and they sell the ones that are water resistant. I use them and love them. Every size imagineable available and you can buy as little as one sheet.
  5. JackiK

    Lots of stuff for Sale… lists going up

    I want the dog!
  6. JackiK

    Spearmint soap

    Hmmm. Never have a problem with Spearmint. I use it in regular soap and pine tar. Are you sure you're reaching full trace before putting it in the mold?
  7. JackiK

    Fresh Goatsmilk vs Evaporated

    Wow, that looks wonderful. May have to give that a try someday. Thanks for the link!
  8. JackiK

    Fresh Goatsmilk vs Evaporated

    Aw, shucks :oops:
  9. JackiK

    Fresh Goatsmilk vs Evaporated

    I use only the canned and my goat milk soap is wonderful, even if I do say so myself. It's very creamy, yet not gooey, if that makes sense!
  10. JackiK

    Superfatting: How much?

    Ditto. Only up to 20% when using 100% CO.
  11. JackiK

    Is it better to wrap soaps in paper or plastic?

    I, too, am in Texas, near Galveston. I tried the shrink wrap method. It worked fine in the fall and winter. As soon as it started getting warmer, I had a problem. I ended up buying the organza bags. They make a really good presentation and allow the soap to breathe at the same time...
  12. JackiK

    Fresh Goatsmilk vs Evaporated

    I've often wondered the same thing. Common sense says the evaporated is going to have less water. I don't add anything to the amount of liquids when I use it, just substitute milk for part of the water. Are you having a hard time with doing CP and goat milk? That's all I ever do. I would...
  13. JackiK

    Pine tar soap

    I believe the odor is one of the reasons they recommend Lavendin or Lavender for the fragrance.
  14. JackiK

    Pine tar soap

    Here's the recipe I use. It makes 10 lbs of soap. You can cut it down, but run your numbers through soapcalc to confirm. 32.4 oz Lard (33% hard oil) 43.1 oz Olive Oil 10.8 oz. Coconut oil (76 degree) (12% hard oil) 10 oz. pine tar (11%) (Sap value of .043) Melt base oils and pine tar...
  15. JackiK

    Pine tar soap

    Your local feed store should carry it.
  16. JackiK

    Soap cake with whipped soap topping

    The exact same thing happened to me one of the first few times I used Nizzy's recipe. The pockets of CO ended up turning yellow after only a couple of weeks, so I cut the icing off and re-batched the cupcakes. Just in case you want to try this recipe again, here's how I do it. It seems to...
  17. JackiK

    Numerous additives (sprinkles, colored sugar, etc)

    Thanks, kellistarr!! The trick for me is using Nizzy's whipped soap recipe for the icing. All the ingredients are cold (refrigerated overnight). I've never had anything turn brown, at least as far as sugar sprinkles. Never tried any herbs on it. I would think the chemical reaction would...
  18. JackiK

    Numerous additives (sprinkles, colored sugar, etc)

    I use them all the time, but only on the top of cupcakes. I made my Easter version last week. I found some egg-shaped sugar sprinkles last year and finally got to use them. Here's a pic. Sorry if it's big. I still can't get the hang of making them smaller. Many have tried to teach me...
  19. JackiK

    My victory over the Ultramarine Violet Gremlin!!

    Thanks for the tip. I had the clumping issue when I last used UMV.
  20. JackiK

    New take on column swirl???

    Thanks, everyone, for your supportive replies!! Love this group.