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  1. BrewerGeorge

    I'm Back!

    Oh Mama is in for a rude awakening when she's the only one to solve all the Terrible Two problems. Thanks, Everyone.
  2. BrewerGeorge

    I'm Back!

    Two years ago we moved my pregnant daughter into our home from an unstable situation. Her stuff filled my garage workspace and the new grand baby has filled our time (and hearts) since. Well, Mama and baby girl are moving to their own apartment at the end of May. The withdrawal won't be too bad...
  3. BrewerGeorge

    Q on foaming bottles and LS

    I just put a couple tablespoons of paste in an old BBW bottle and filled with hot water. Now that I've shaken it to dissolve the late, I'm about to try it. Based on how it looks, I bet it's about twice as soapy as it should be. ETA: Nope it worked. Cloudy, but it smells good and isn't drying...
  4. BrewerGeorge

    Hand Sanitizer

    Howdy Folks! Anybody tried a bit of corn starch or arrowroot as a thickener?
  5. BrewerGeorge

    Customer Return Request - WWYD

    I work in the electronics repair industry. It's not at all uncommon for us to receive returns of printers from entirely different manufacturers. Once, we got back a Nikon camera in a printer box. As for the OP question, I would change my policy to All Sales Final. Assuming you sell only...
  6. BrewerGeorge

    Making CP soap with Soda Pop

    Most soda is pretty acidic. It will probably increase your superfat a decent amount.
  7. BrewerGeorge

    Time Saving Techniques Requested

    The math is a lot easier when it's 50%. All you have to do is switch the calculated amounts so calculated "water" is your masterbatch amount and calculated "lye" is your additional water. It's also 50% smaller to store.
  8. BrewerGeorge

    HP soapers.....a question for you

    You're on the right track. I haven't tried this where the exact amount was important; I've just used it to make Berlinner Weisse a few times. This too. I love this stuff. I dilute it to typical acetic pickling strength and use it to make fake fermented pickles. You get that soft lactic...
  9. BrewerGeorge

    First Ever Cold Process Soap

    I would generally agree, but there is a particular bright yellow color that I have seen several times with unsap'd soaps in silicone and that first pic matches it pretty closely. Now that we know it's just bad lighting....
  10. BrewerGeorge

    First Ever Cold Process Soap

    That looks WAY better. Has it changed from the first pic to this one? How much time passed between the two pics? Or is the first one just THAT far out of whack for color?
  11. BrewerGeorge

    First Ever Cold Process Soap

    If you're interested, try posting another pic of one of the bars on a sheet of white printer paper for comparison.
  12. BrewerGeorge

    First Ever Cold Process Soap

    Individual silicone molds are hard to gel because they don't have enough mass to "work together" so their own heat can help them gel. With CPOP (using the oven) they are likely to get silicone blisters. I personally just don't bother trying to gel the individual ones. Soap doesn't need to gel...
  13. BrewerGeorge

    First Ever Cold Process Soap

    Judging by that bright yellow color, that soap is nowhere near finished saponifying. That is, assuming you didn't add a colorant that you didn't mention. Where they done in silicone molds? Individual silicone molds like that rarely gel, IME, without some extra help. Sometimes they seem to...
  14. BrewerGeorge

    Lard & Tallow soaps

    IIRC, I think the "cleaning" number in the calculators is just the sum of the lauric and myristic numbers.
  15. BrewerGeorge

    Time Saving Techniques Requested

    Very much this. Honestly, if your mater batch is stored at room temperature, the additional heat from adding more water isn't enough to get the lye to soaping temps.
  16. BrewerGeorge

    Palm-free and vegan?

    It depends how refined it is and how many unsaponifiables it has. You'll just have to experiment with your supplier.
  17. BrewerGeorge

    HP soapers.....a question for you

    FWIW, you can buy a Lactobacillus culture from a brewing store online and inoculate just about anything you want that has sugar to create your own non-dairy lactic acid. Or alternatively you could take a culture from naturally fermented sauerkraut or pickles and do the same thing.
  18. BrewerGeorge

    Palm-free and vegan?

    Similar to what dixie says above, a good start would be just replacing the beef tallow in your recipe with shea butter. You can tweak the olive and coconut amounts as you wish once you have a reference. I personally like a bit more coconut (25% vs my normal 20%) in a vegan bar because it helps...
  19. BrewerGeorge

    Suet vs Tallow

    I'm watching a youtube series about 18th century cooking from the excellent Townsends channel from here in Indiana. He's been talking about the difference between suet and tallow in cooking, which of course got me thinking about soap. Suet is organ fat from around the kidneys and is much...
  20. BrewerGeorge

    after making batch larger the soap gelled in the middle

    I hope this doesn't sound condescending, but just to be clear: You know it's not a problem if it gels, right? Your description makes it sound really bad... Could you mean 'overheat' instead of gel? Is it wrinkly and weepy in the middle or just clearer/gelled?