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  1. AliOop

    Amt of EO per pound of oil

    I like to work out skin-safe percentages for my blends. Also, I buy my EOs from soap suppliers, not from Amazon, Young Living, DoTerra, or the like. The prices are often less than half, and the quality is just as good.
  2. AliOop

    Using mold dimensions to generate oil amounts

    Yes, it is one simple calculation to get the total oils for the mold size, but then she'd have to take her existing recipe and do a bunch of percentages to figure how much of each oil for that batch size. It is much faster if she can use the scaling function to print the scaled recipe directly...
  3. AliOop

    Please send up a prayer

    I am so sorry to hear about all this. IMO, there are no bigger concerns than the safety and well-being of our loved ones. You have my prayers!
  4. AliOop

    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    trouble bringing it home.... Are some people are so desperate for drama in their lives that they actually look for ways to bring trouble home?
  5. AliOop

    The word association game

  6. AliOop

    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    ... also, it is really not nice to call your soap names like that. Just because you are in a position of authority over them doesn't give you the right to call them "my batches." Would you want them calling you their "pimp"? Yeah, no.
  7. AliOop

    The word association game

  8. AliOop

    Quick question

    I’ve read that alcohol can cause the soap to seize, which is why people usually boil off the alcohol from any beer or wine that they use for lye liquid. I’ve never tried that myself, so I’ll let others with more robust chemistry backgrounds weigh in.
  9. AliOop

    Using mold dimensions to generate oil amounts

    Ok, I just realized that I was running numbers in a blank recipe. When I took one of the existing recipes in my recipe files, and tried to modify it using your mold dimensions, I first got 1439 - but realized that was grams, not oz. When I switched to oz, the number was correct at just under 50...
  10. AliOop

    Using mold dimensions to generate oil amounts

    Can you clear out the numbers both in the "by total size" box and the "oils total" box, and then recalculate? If I start with anything in either of those boxes, the numbers go wonky.
  11. AliOop

    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    Need Guidance for a Extra hard soap. You can offer to pay for counseling to address the underlying issues, but some soaps just don't learn until they hit bottom and do hard time. Bottom line, they have to want to change. I mean, like the old saying goes, you can lead a soap to water.... Best...
  12. AliOop

    Need recommendation for my first batch!!

    These look great! I can't see any knife marks, but if you can, then yes, you need to clean your cutting tool after each cut to avoid marks.
  13. AliOop

    The word association game

  14. AliOop

    Salt Soap Info Search

    @IrishLass That makes two of us on this forum without FB. Deleted my account awhile ago and almost never miss it. Sometimes Marketplace was handy, but Craigslist is fine for most things where I live. And no FB means more time for soaping, right? ;)
  15. AliOop

    SMF June 2020 Un-Challenge - Half & Half

    @ShySoaper whenever you want to join a challenge on this forum, you will copy the sign-up list from the last person who signed up before you. Then paste it into a new post and add your name at the bottom. :) Like this: 1. dibbles - I have a couple of half&half-baked ideas! 2. szaza - I already...
  16. AliOop

    Curious soap playing

    Definitely put this thru a soap calculator before making it, and start paying attention to the percentages of the different fatty acids, and your sat:unsat ratio, since those primarily determine your soap qualities. Make a lot of different small batches and figure out which combinations you like. 😁
  17. AliOop

    trouble bringing it home....

    It actually looks neat to me. Some people try for that look deliberately.
  18. AliOop

    The word association game

  19. AliOop

    working on my gel, ash. pluses, minuses, but progress..

    I like both of them!