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    Soap Dimensions

    Are there trends in soap size? What are your soap dimensions? I had a lemony batch of soap that was an ok scent, but the thought of getting through a whole bar just seemed tedious, so I cut them smaller. Suddenly the bars seemed to smell so much nicer! And I started doing it with my other scents...
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    Webstaurant Oils

    I am an idiot.... I signed up to make quite a bit of soap, for free. Has anyone tried any of their oils in soap? I'm looking at the coconut, canola (a variety of options but what looks to be the high oleic has anti-foaming agents), and palm (donut fry) oils. I will probably go with oils I have...
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    first video of chemical bonds between atoms!! Just thought that was cool. No need for a thread really. But awesomeness.
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    A Story in 3 Sentences...

    Along the lines of the "Let's tell a story" thread .... Niles: “Whatever happened to the concept of less is more?” Frasier: “Ah, but if less is more, then just think of how much more ‘more’ will be!” So instead of three word responses, you can post up to three and a half (3.5) sentences. Less...
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    wine vs. beer

    I have heard that beer tastes bad if the temps change too much, going from refrigerated to room temps and back. I have also tasted some awful bottled beer so I think it is true. Does the same go for wine? DH left a bunch of wine we bought for gifts in the car..... :hairpulling: While in the car...
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    Aztec 10 for 10

    Woohoo, the Prince Charming thread led me here. Never tried them but 10 for 10 !! Code BF19 Any other black friday fragrance deals around?
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    Whatcha makin for Christmas?

    Just curious what everyone is up to this time of year. I start thinking about Christmas early 'cause soaps have to be made so far in advance, and I'm sure you all have a stash for winter gifting too. What else is in your arsenal? This year I'll be lighter than usual on the soaps, but I'll have...
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    Hi again :)

    Just started soaping again after 1 1/2yrs. Had a busy summer, then got pregnant (exhausted!) then had a baby (sleep deprived!) and another busy summer. Found a jug of masterbatched lye and couldn't resist the old urge. Handed baby to DH as soon as he walked in the door and made a batch in...
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    Favorite Sweet Cake Scents?

    I thought I'd get a few last minute fragrances for B&B and liquid soaps. Got through the letter H with $120 in my cart :oops: Um... what are your "must have" scents from this company?
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    Lip Safe Preservative?

    I am looking for a lip safe preservative for a lip product that is 50% water. (If you are not participating in the secret santa you can pm me for the full recipe - and feel safe, knowing you won't be my guinea pig :) ) The recipe I am following recommends liquid germall plus - this is the...
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    Happy Solar Eclipse!

    Kinda spooky!
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    The batch of lavender soap that brought me to the forum :) is starting to smell off. No DOS yet but it's on its way! DeeAnna has mentioned in a few threads that lavender EO is prone to DOS. I'm wondering if linalool and linalyl acetate (interaction with NaOH produces linalool) are the culprets...
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    Norwegian Treats

    My brother is going to Norway! He has offered a portion of his suitcase to fill with goodies for me on his return. I haven't been there since I was a teen, and a picky eater, so mostly I remember the exquisite chocolates and licorice and cloudberry jam (to me it tasted like fresh dirt and wine...
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    Frizzy, Frizzy, Frizzy Hair

    Dear curlies, wavies, and other frizzy haired folk, how do you manage your hair? Every time I think I have it all figured out, the weather changes, or I chop off my hair and have to figure it all out again. Do any of you have secrets for consistantly nice hair? Last summer was the season of...
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    Liquid Soap and the Lye Guy

    I'm gathering ingredients for my first liquid soap (thanks Susie and IrishLass!). The Lye Guy advertises KOH 96 - 100%. If I enter 96% KOH in soapee with a 3% superfat, am I cutting it too close? Or do you think the lye is less pure than advertised? Soapee recommends entering 90% purity, and...
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    Stage Two in Fragrance Obsession

    Stage one: I'm going to make natural soap with essential oils! Except many affordable EOs smell gross. Of the remainder, a few stick. Blend, blend, aha! A good scent! I can do this! Weeks go by, failure after failure before another aha! Stage two: Ok, maybe not all natural soap. Add a few...
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    Weird Ways People Wash

    Until I started soaping I thought there were just a few ways to wash. Body: soap with or without washcloth. Face: soap or plain water. Hair: shampoo (and conditioner). Since I've started poking around the web I've seen: "No poo" - no shampoo. Just water or baking soda for the scalp and vinegar...
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    Trouble with Lavender EO

    Has anyone had trouble working with lavender EO in cold process soap? I have 24 batches of soap under my belt and three of them have gone wrong. The first was a ricing issue I learned to fix thanks to this forum. The other two batches that went wrong were lye heavy lavender soaps. Before I...