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    in need of option

    I have put this thru the soapcalc and it seem the numbers look god but would lke some options about this please... 2 oz sweet almond 16 coconut oil 34 oz crisco 16 oz pko 10.14 lye 25.84 water harness - 48 cleansing - 26 condition - 50 bubbly - 26 creamy - 17 iodine - 63 ins -...
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    pulling away

    Any ideas on exactly what makes the wax once cooled, pull away from the side--only one side or part of a side. I'm using par/soy (10oz par/6oz soy) 1.2 oz of fo. Almost all of the candles I have made pull partially away from the side. Is my house to cool maybe and one side is cooling to quickly...
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    I have oil and gel!!!! help

    I made 2 batches yesterday and neither one worked out. Same recipe I used before so here's link to what I did. Any ideas????? let me know if you cant see and I'll try to figure it out.
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    Way to make soap stick?

    I have poured aand cut some soap and as an after thought (just cuz the smell of the bars remind me of cookie dough) I want to make some chocolate scented soap and drizzle it over the tops. I make cp soap and the soap is only 2 days old (if that makes a difference). I have read you spritz with...
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    in need of major help!!!

    I made a batch approx 3lbs and used goats milk-- now I used canned milk and since its condensed I mixed the lye with the water and added the milk to the oils. mixed all together and added fo and traced nicley. So what the prob?-- well it seems the lye has setteled on the bottom of the mold...
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    how much liquid for a rebatch

    how much liquid do you add back to a rebatch? Can u use any liquid? I have some v8 juice and was thinking v8 and some dried herbs like basil or thyme or oregano.-- it that an option on a rebatch oh soap is approx 3 pounds
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    My son has tons of left over crayons. I have read a few places that some soapers have used them to color their soaps. I'm trying for the thrifty approach here and would like to try them. My question is has any one used them and how did they work? Also do I need to weigh them out to figure...
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    did I ruin it?

    What happens when while your are mixing to trace and it started to get very hard clumps????? The goat milk/lye was thick when I added it. Then I stopped for just a sec to grab the scent and there was this big chunk about the size of a base ball. Went ahead and mixed and mixed and mixed and every...
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    on the stove top

    was going to try my hand at HP on the stove and thought I read enough about it but..... I have a gas stove and don't think it gets low enough. I started to cook on low and within one min. it started to pop and splater and I got scared and yanked it off, remixed and just dumped in mold. It gelled...
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    Hello From Texas

    Hi ya'll. I live here in central texas and new to soap making. Have only poured one day (twice) with a friend. The first batch turned out great the second did not. Really enjoyed the process and can't wait to do it again. Still collecting all the equipment. I don't have any molds yet and...