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    what recipe is best for acne?

    Hi guys! Please share you recipe best for acne. I need to make once for my teen daughter since none of the commercial soaps are working on her. Thanks in advance!
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    Help!!! Ants are eating my soap!

    help!!! ants are eating my soap! they first started eating after 4 days when i start to cure my soap. is it normal? the ingredients that i used are... calamansi juice (lime) 1.25oz aloe vera 1.40 oz coconut oil 7.2oz olive oil 8.8oz water 6.8oz lye 2.28oz tea tree essential oil 0.50 oz...
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    HELP! first time to make soap. i dont know if its right.

    good day guys! its my first time here and my first time to make a soap. the problem is i dont know if i have done it correctly. i followed the instruction carefully but after a day of leaving it in the mold its still not hard so i waited 4 more days before cutting it, but still its soft. but i...