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    A lesson leant

    Ok today could have been interested. I decided to try out pipping with soap and make some roses which turned out great ( well i think they did :) ) anyway while i was out on the school run to get my ds, my teenage dd came back from her school and walk out to the kicthen to find food (as they...
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    Another question *antimicrobial preservative

    Do you use antimicrobial preservative in your soap- creams- liquids ect and if yes which ones and can i get natural antimicrobial preservative? My dd has very sensitive skin.
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    soap dough help plz

    Ok i love the idea of soap dough as i have done cake decorates for many years and love to make models in sugar paste. I have seen Sorcery Soap and love her idea about turning soap in to a dough. Right here is where i need your help. I got a great soap recipe that i would like to use 200g...
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    what do you think?

    Ok so i was thinking today, what can i use my mp soap for. I thought about it and thought can i use my cake decorates items for soap making and the answer is YES. I melted a little mp soap and mix some edible food powder ( sugarflair ) with some rubbing spirit and then mix them together to...
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    Question regards caustic soda

    Hi is there anyone who is using Barrettine knockout caustic soda? I am trying to find out the % in it. Or essential power caustic soda, which you can buy from wilko. Also where do you get yours from in England and is % ?
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    cucumber puree question

    I am looking at using cucumber puree in my next hp soap. What i would like to know is have any of you use it in hp soap as your water in your lye instead of water? Does the soap still smell of cucumber when the cure is done? Or would you use it at the end as a fragrance in your soap( like 30g...
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    first hp soap

    Hi all. Thought i would share this with you. I made my first hp soap 3 days ago. Using this ingredients. Lard 100g - oliver oil 100g - coconut oil 100g - sunflower oil 150g. Water 171g caustics soda 62.89. 30g oatmeal milk (i took 30g of the water to make this). Some essential oils and 1g...
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    new to soap

    Hi all i am new to soap making, and i got alot of questions so hope you can all help me out with your experience in soap :)