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    Infused Oil Help

    Oh wow I always thought that sunlight was needed for that sort of infusion! Glad to learn something new today, thanks for the tips! I can have my infusions going and soap curing for around the same amount of time then...I hate the long wait though:-|
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    Infused Oil Help

    I do use the hot process method. I would love to do a slower more natural infusion, but I live in Brooklyn with barely any sunlight in my apartment and no outdoor area to call my own :-( So for now I have to do hot process, do you know how this changes it? Thanks for the response!
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    Infused Oil Help

    Hi all! I have been making soap now for around a year, and during this time I've been following pre-made recipes found online with minimal tweeking here and there. I'm at the point where I'd like to create my own recipes, and I've done a lot of research into SAP #s and calculating lye...