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    ok, tea tree stinks

    I love it, though it is very strong at first, but you get used to it. I love making an all tea tree oil bar.
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    How long have you been making soap?

    I've been doing mp soap for 9 & cp for almost 2 years I just love it.
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    How would I get a good deep red from pop colors?

    The pop colors rocks in soap, I've been doing lip balms in them lately. Next will be makeup :) I love her other mica's too.
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    Where to get renewable / sustainable palm oil?

    The last time I asked he told me his palm was sustainable & that was for the regular palm oil.
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    Soap Pot Weekend Sept 5-7

    I'm hoping sometime this weekend to make a big batch of liquid soap for shampoo/shower gel since I finally got a big crock pot. Plus making some soaps for the fall. I just made a batch of pumpkin soap with pureed pumpkin I used a portion of it as my water and added it at trace. It came out so...
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    Soaps without fragrance but with looks to kill

    You don't have to stop using palm though there are a lot of suppliers out there like columbus that get it from renewable sources where they are not hurting the environment and the animals :) I'm not into animal oils at all to me that does gross me out, but I tried using lard once and I won't do...
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    Which oils do you use most often?

    I can't soap without putting a butter in either cocoa, shea or mango ;)
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    What to use to line wooden mold?

    I love the craft foam too I tried to use freezer paper, but went back to the foam :) When I first started out I used plastic grocery bags, but you have to keep it nice and smooth or you will have wrinkles in your soap.
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    Cheap Floating Molds

    Try candlescience they have great prices and their shipping is pretty cheap :)
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    How important is distilled water?

    Depends on what is in your water. I get terrible ash if I use even filtered tap water so I stick with distilled.
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    They are the same as gemlite and gemlite is cheaper. Here's a site I found for reviews of their oils Hope that helps.
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    Orange EO

    It's better to do a blend w/orange I love it with patchouli.
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    Cutting your soap

    I use one of those wax cutters with the wooden handle like above I just use a ruler and they come out great. I only use slab molds :)
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    SFIC soap base Co-op?

    I'll probably be in for about 10 lbs I know that doesn't help much, but this should get me started I'm normally a cp soaper, but the sfic bases I can't resist they are wonderful :)
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    SFIC soap base Co-op?

    How much will the co-op fee be? I'm interested, but I'm just small time so it won't be many lbs.
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    PH Strips & Digitial Scale

    I bought ph strips at 100 strips for $1.95 and work great. I had a free shipping code too :)
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    Aroma Haven

    The sweet tooth is awesome :)
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    Edmund Scientific

    I know it's sounds funny, but this is the only place I could find the glass droppers I wanted for my eo's. I ordered some litmus paper super cheap too plus had a free shipping code can't beat that. They have lots of other stuff like goggles, aprons, beakers etc. They are pretty fast at shipping...
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    I love Essential Oil University they have the best eo's around :)
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    Idea for facial soaps...

    Neem is great for acne, but it's quite stinky it does work though. Tea tree works for me. Salt bars are what work for my breakouts though. If your selling these just remember you can't claim they cure, heal anything or the FDA will come after you.