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    Anyone add glitter to their bath bombs?

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, I looked around and couldn't find any straight answers. I've been experimenting with adding biodegradable glitters (from Brambleberry) to the outside of my bath bomb as decorations to try to make them look pretty. I've tried mixing the glitter with...
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    Essential oil ratio in bath bombs

    Is 3-5 drops of essential oil for every 1 tbsp of carrier oil a good ratio to use? I'm looking for the strongest smell but that is at a safe level. I've googled this for hours, everything I come across talks about ratios for soap, which I would imagine would be drastically different for bath...
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    Witch hazel for bath bombs

    I purchased witch hazel from Brambleberry to use for making bath bombs. They say that their Witch Hazel is 14-15% alcohol. Is this a good amount of alchol to have ? I thought I read here it should be 90% or more alchol but I may be mistaken. What type of witch hazel would you recommend? TIA
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    essential oils vs fragrance oils

    I am wondering it anyone uses fragrance oils in their bath bombs and what are the negatives of doing so? Is using synthetic oils in the bath bad? I've found so many scents that I would like to try that smell sooo good but its fragrance oils. I've also noticed some other bath bombs list in their...
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    Decorations for bath bombs ~ ideas ?

    I'm not a big fan of the dried flowers or other things that will leave your tube a mess. I'm trying to thing of items that I can use on the outside of the bomb to make it look pretty but that will either dissolve or leave very little clean up. Maybe a small rose made out of soap? Colored sea...
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    embeds for bath bombs

    This is something that I haven't learned about yet. Are the embeds placed in the middle before molding or on the side for decoration? What is the purpose? Does it help fizz more? Is the embeds consist of just citric acid and baking soda? Thanks!
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    bought a bath bomb press

    Just got it in the mail today and haven't had a chance to get it set up. Still need to buy the air compressor. Will post some results once it's up and running and if anyone would like me to do some testing for them let me know. Ready to start experimenting.... Anyone else here using a press...
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    Making bath bombs like LU&H ?

    So we all know who sets the bar with their bath bombs. They float, spin, fizzle and foam all the while shooting out brillant colors! Not to mention they are rock hard. Has anyone looked at their website for the list of ingredients they use? You won't have exact amounts but all the ingredients...
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    Coconut oil for bath bombs?

    I've seen a few people say that they use coconut oil as their main carrier oil for their bath bombs. I am using coconut oil 76 degrees. It's solid in a tub, I melt it before using. Is this what everyone else is doing too? I'm wondering if the oil I am using is the reason why it's taking...
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    New but have always wanted to try !

    As a stay home mom of one, who is now old enough to go to school a couple days a week I finally have a little free time. I've always wanted to make my own bath and body products. I chose to take on bath bombs first! wish me luck! Will be happy to share what works and help other but initially...
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    Bath bomb questions !

    Hi, I'm new to making bath bombs and have been experimenting with different formulas over the last couple weeks. I have noticed a couple issues and was hoping that someone here could help me identify what I am doing wrong. (my mixture 1cup baking soda 1/2 cup citric acid, 1/2 cup corn...