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    Just Mystified

    Hi, All. I am just mystified by the utter lack of ANYTHING going on with my website! It's been up and running since the end of July, and I think I have only had like three or four sales from it! Recently, I've tried to start promoting it on some of the free advertising websites, and I am...
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    Hi All! It's been a while since I've been on again. I've been driving myself into the dirt trying to get the new website functioning properly. (And can I just say UGGGGHHH?). Here I thought "If I build it, they will come." Not so. Not a single sale! Although I have had a couple of wholesale...
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    And one more thang...

    I would love to hear some of your stories about how you got started. For myself, I'm still making products out of my home, and it's sometimes overwhelming. As organized as I try to be, soap, soap stuff, soap boxes, etc., etc., etc., has literally taken over my home. Do most of you manufacture...
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    Getting Seen Out There

    So guys, how DO you get your website seen out there? Now that I've spent all this time creating the website, it would be great if I could get some traffic walking in the door. I cant sell anything unless they can see me! Does anyone have any suggestions here? Thanks, Lisa
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    New Website AT LAST!!!!

    Hi Everybody! No one has seen much of me around these parts lately, because I have been working myself into a stupor trying to get my biz off the ground, and at last, my retail website is up! Please stop by and visit at and give me your feedback. I'd love to know...
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    m & p sea salt recipe?

    Hey, ya'll! I'm looking for a recipe for M & P soap using dead sea salt. Trying to make a Margarita soap and thought it would look great with some sea salt in it, but the first time I tried this, the layer just turned to mush. Anybody ever done this? If so, I sure could use some tips...
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    Biz Plan...Plan?

    And hey, Tab. How are we going to compare notes on this one? Are we going section by section, getting commentary from the board, and back to teh drawing table? And wouldn't it be kind of cool to have a "best biz plan" contest? Of course, we'd all be winners in that one. Just a thought.
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    Developing a business plan

    Hands out again. I've searched the net looking for sample business plans on soap companies so that I can at least BEGIN to put together one for my company in the event that I need to pursue financing. (Okay, that event has already happened). But I can't find anything specific to US. For...
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    what a MESS!

    So I go to an accountant, and he tells me right off I should not have filed a general partnership, but rather an S-Corp, and I have about a week and a half to do so. I do it, and we wind up with the name "Moonlit Gardens." However, our product line is called "Just Imagine..." At first, I...
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    Let's talk COLORS!!!

    Because talking about this stuff allows me to think that maybe...just MAYBE I'm not the only person on the planet with this particular problem. Then again, it could just make me feel like a hoo-ha; but here goes. (I do M & P for those who don't know). I use a rather odd combination of the...
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    M & P Issues

    Hey. Do any of you MP-rs have issues with your soap being too soft? How do you get around this? Also, has anyone tried adding vitamin e to M & P, and does it negatively effect the lather? I've gotten some of my bases from the Chemistry store. The shea butter base, (this last time) was...
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    Case packaging

    Okay, for all you saavy mathemeticians, this is going to be a no-brainer. However, for us right-brainers, it's a bit tricky. Does anyone out there package their soaps/lotions/salts, etc. in case packages for wholesale? If so, could you recommend a box manufacturer? I'm guessing I should...
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    Product testers

    Has anyone out there ever had customer request product testers or samples? I've had a few retailers lately who are asking me to provide samples of lotions, soaps, etc. I want to make my customers happy, but the products/bottles, etc., cost me money to produce, and if everyone starts asking for...
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    Butters in M & P?

    Anyone ever try adding cocoa butter to an M & P base? I've found that, the few places you can FIND a cocoa butter base, they are ridiculously expensive and so was thinking of adding cocoa butter myself. Don't know what the chemical ramifications are, though. Anyone? Anyone? :)
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    Well, at least somebody got a "weeeee" in there, and that's something! I know, I know. Patience. Don't pat me on the back yet, Tab, because the little money I have could go flying out the door at any second! It's SOOOO hard to make and SOOOOO easy to spend, especially when starting out...
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    Oh, the Pain!!!!

    I don't know, guys, but it seems like the more I learn about this biz the more I know I don't know! Those of you who have been nuturing me through kindergarten understand that I really just got into this last August, and I've been on fact-finding and creative missions ever since. (I do M & P...
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    Curious wine dilemma!

    Well, hi there boys and girls! I've got a new one for you. I'm working on some "wine" soaps for a coupel of customers. I've found some decent wine fragrance oils, BUT... has anyone ever tried adding REAL wine to melt and pour soaps? Just trying to go for a more authentic fragrance. I...
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    Room Sprays

    Has anyone ever used hydrosols in making room sprays? I admit, I'm clueless on this one. So far, the only room sprays I've made have been from a pre-made air/linen base with added essential oil. The problem? I'm not satisfied with the aromatic properties. They seem "thin" compared to ones...
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    Just Keeping You Abreast--

    Okay, so here we go. The hotel thing? Didn't pan out. At least, not yet. THe fundraiser, I'm sorry to say, came in very small. I did, however, manage to get into a small shop in Tin City, (which is in downtown Naples), and I'm in a salon, so I guess that's something. Of course, I had to...
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    Cocoa butter base

    Hey, guys. Up to my ears in alligators--for real. Just thought I'd let everyone know that I will be in a little shop in Tin CIty next week, and I'm also going to be in a salon! Of course, none of this money is actually sticking to me yet, but one can hope that eventually it will. :) Does...