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    Need guidence about starting soap making class

    Yes I guess you are right we dont start it now ...thank you so much ....
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    Need guidence about starting soap making class

    No its a free class as I am anayurvedic practitioner and teach in a charity school . you are right as I am not into more soap making but its my hobby and I use to make to give my passion a comfort as I am a volunteer teacher and ayurvedic practitioner,these classes would be totally free...
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    soap making kit (cold process)

    Thanks Girls.....................:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
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    How can I get this color?

    just add coffee ....
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    Need guidence about starting soap making class

    Hello alll respected members here , I am from south asia and want to conduct a soap making classes in my city ,which is not a common practice here ..only 3 or 4 four soap makers are there in my city .I need a complete guide that how to start ?what notes should I provide ?what should be taught...
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    soap making kit (cold process)

    Thank you for your reply......actually need an idea for a soap making kit for beginners....
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    soap making kit (cold process)

    Hello all members did any one try or make beginner's soap making kit ?If yes what oilswould be in it or at what ratio should we add ....... Thanks In ADVANCE
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    Introduction from a long time soap maker

    welcome and hope to learn from you .
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    why my lip balm so dry ?

    @dixiedragon and @DeeAnna Anna Thanks alot for a detailed reply . I will change my recipe for sure now .would love to add soft oils in my recipe .AgainThank you so much .
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    why my lip balm so dry ?

    hello all respected members here plz guide me why my lip balm is very dry ,should i add petroleum jelly to my recipe ? plz suggest and Thanks in advance , bees wax 33% butter 33% cocoa oils 33% argon fragrance 1%
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    need a suggestion for selling soaps .

    Yesyou are right ......
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    Kaolin Clay in bath bombs

    i use Kaolyn clay n my recipes but never used Epsom salt .unable to find exact quantity but in 12 cups of BS use 8 tea spoons of clay
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    need a suggestion for selling soaps .

    @OldHippie,@dixiedragon,@Lin 19687 Thanks alot all my dearest soap makers i chose the third option but he wanted me to make in front of someone who will be from his employees ,then i refused ,,,,rally thankful to all of you for a very very very sincere suggestions.Love you all and...
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    Rose Wax

    I always use rose water in my rose soap instead of water with dried rose petal powder .
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    need a suggestion for selling soaps .

    Hi dear members I need your expert advice .someone approached me with three options .He wants to launch new soap brand 1: Buy Raw material from him at very discounted rates . 2: sell my formula to him so he could make soaps and launch a new hand made soaps. 3:make soaps for him with the...
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    Solution for lye heavy soap

    Hi everyone .I made a big batch of soap 17500 kg . I saw ash on it .... Its lye heavy soap .no idea what I did wrong but don't want to throw it out .....Is there any method to re use it? Other than as laundry soap? Thanks in advance .
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    help regarding wax melts

    hi plz membars need your expert advise for wax melts . only paraffin wax is available in my country so can I mix bees wax to increase burning time of wax melt ? plz tag more wax melts learning tips and tricks from the forum . thanks in advance .
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    want to learn candle making

    Thank you all dearest membars,.you all are a,grear support for us ..
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    stick blend HP soap process

    hello members, have you ever tried stick blending method of making hot process soap ? I am wondering that i could make soap from this method to save my cure period .I also heard the swirl making is easy as in CP,as i never tried HP before .Thanks in advance
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    want to learn candle making

    Hello members , I am new in this section of the forum ,I want to learn candle making so plz can someone guide me from where should I start ?I want to make candles which are good for ailments like muscle relaxant or mental calmness ,can we make these types of candles ?