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  1. J

    MP Mold

    Has anyone ever used one of those aluminum loaf pans to put MP soap in?
  2. J

    Does anyone make MP?

    Just wondering because everyone always talks about CP and shows pics of the CP soap.
  3. J

    Citric Acid

    Does anyone know if I can get this at Walgreens?
  4. J

    Bath Bombs

    Is citric acid the same as vitamin c tablets? could i just crush some up and use it? Also, I don't have dome shape molds so what else could I use? Does anyone have a good recipe?
  5. J

    Ideas for MP soap

    I want to make some festive soap but i don't want it to just be plain old bars. I don't have cookie cutters and i don't want to run out and buy a whole bunch just for soap. Is there anything else I can use to make my MP more distinctive/attractive?
  6. J

    Body Butter

    I need a good recipe for a shea body butter. I just tried making some and added some shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil and heated in microwave till soft and then whipped with mixer and added FO. It's too greasy and too soft. I want a light butter that's not greasy. HELP!!
  7. J

    Christmas Gifts

    Is anyone giving away soap for christmas gifts? I'm going to do up gift baskets for all my family. I wanted to make my own body spray and bath salts too but i don't have the stuff right now. Maybe next time.
  8. J

    Liquid Soap base

    Does anyone know where i can get all natural liquid soap base that's not too expensive? And what about lotion base?
  9. J


    How does everyone advertise their website? I've been emailing people that have online boutiques asking if they would add my banner to their site and they are very agreeable about it. I was just wondering what else i could try to get more traffice to my website.
  10. J

    Liquid Soap

    Does anyone make liquid hand soap? I'm thinking about trying to make a SLS free hand soap. Where would I find a good base? And recipes?
  11. J

    Tips to get going

    When you first started making and selling soap, what exactly was your normal day like? Did you work on your soap for a full 8 hours, like a regular job or just when you found the time? What did you do to get it up and running? I have lots of different soaps but no one knows they're out there so...
  12. J

    Some of my soaps

    [/img] [/img] Peppermint [/img] Loofah Soap [/img]
  13. J

    Places to leave soap

    Where are some good places to leave soap? Do you just walk in and ask if you can leave some soap there? I need ideas and advice.
  14. J

    Soap for trick or treat

    Has anyone ever thought about handing out soap for trick or treat?
  15. J

    Warning on label

    This is what I put on my labels....let me know if this is sufficient and ok to put: "*Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of eyes. **Keep out of reach of young children" Thanks.
  16. J

    Shrink Wrap

    IS there such a thing as shrink wrap bags? Like really small ones that just fit a bar of soap? All I have is cellophane on a roll.
  17. J

    New FO's

    I just ordered 12 FO's from SOS..I hope i like them!
  18. J

    I think i finally got my label...

    Let me know what you think about my new labels. Thanks.[/img]
  19. J

    Most popular scents

    For those who sell on a regular basis, which scents do you find to be the most popular?
  20. J

    Baking Soda and Shaving Soap

    Has anyone ever heard of adding baking soda to soap bars? I just saw a bar on the web that had it in was called "skin soother". Would this actually be a good idea? Could you add it to MP? And as far as shaving soap you have to add any type of clay to it to further protect...