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    Body butters %

    Oh Wow! Thank you Irish Lass!! This is soo helpful! I'll be making your recipe for the men for their hands!
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    Body butters %

    Dixiedragon, that's a really good idea, I was thinking of doing just that to make it easier on meself, but I need to do a small test batch before I do a big batch. I will be whipping this up, and hope to have a good recipe in place so I can give this as Christmas gifts to my family & friends...
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    Body butters %

    Thank you so much for your response, Efficacious Gentleman!! I plan on using oz. I will work on this today. I am not at all confident. so if I want to make say, 8 oz. of butter, that is what I start out with. I hope you don't mind if I ask for your assistance again if I can't get the...
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    Candle aging

    For optimal hot scent throw, soy candles should be cured for a minimum of 2 weeks. I use to make soy candles.
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    Any anti-aging recipe?

    Rosehip Seed oil is good for around the eyes.
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    Browsing soap pics

    Your soaps are so beautiful! just lovely! I love the ones with the rose buds on top - just stunning works of art.
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    Body butters %

    Hello everybody!! I am venturing into making body butter, have the ingredients I want, but......and I am legitimately embarrassed to ask this, but how do i figure out the percentages?? for instance, I want my butter to be 80% hard butter, 20% liquid oils. I will not be using any fragrance oils...