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    Essential oils from BA vs NDA

    In my 16 or so months of soaping I've only ever used EOs from BA. I'm about to order some of my staple EOs now. When I did some cost comparison I found that NDA is much cheaper plus they have some other stuff that BA doesn't. Also their shipping is very affordable. But my question, as it was...
  2. K

    WSP flash sale today.

    Don't know if this is where I can post this, but just got an email about their site wide sale, from 3pm to 10pm today. Enjoy!
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    Feedback on lotion recipe requested.

    Yesterday I made a lotion, my goal was for it to be light but still good for dry skin. It has thickened up quite nicely, is the whitest white and feels weightless, spreads real easy and has kept my skin moisturized for over 12 hours now. I'm aware that the look and feel may change further in the...
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    Soaper's choice neem oil

    Hi all, esp.Obsidian :), I bought me some neem oil to try from SC. I've loved to use neem soaps as a kid and as a young adult, this one in particular. So, I wanted to try it in a recipe. My question is about the odor. It's not stinky, I mean it's not pleasant but it smells very familiar, like...
  5. K

    Amazoners in Michigan

    Got this not so good news yesterday that starting tomorrow, October 1st, Amazon will add 6% sales tax for purchases by Michigan shoppers. So, I'm going to buy all the soapy stuff in my cart unless they have gone up in price already. Just thought I would let you know.
  6. K

    Do you use chelator in salt bar?

    I should be reading up on this, may be this was answered already, a quick search didn't find anything. Right now, I would really appreciate a quick answer. I have soft water only, still citric acid in my recipes made a significant difference in terms of scum in my bath tub and sinks. I know that...
  7. K

    really strong cold brew coffee in soap

    I know this is like a thousandth repetition on the coffee theme, but I have been wanting to try a coffee soap for some time. I would like a faint coffee smell to it. since I don't have coffee EO ( which I might totally buy later on), I thought I would 'sacrifice' the regular folgers coffee...
  8. K

    Must see attractions in Yellowstone national park

    So, me and hubby are going on a short trip to Yellowstone, exactly 5 days. I know it's not nearly enough but that's all the time DH could spare after a summer filled with cricket. I wish to make most of this trip. We will be flying right into Jacksonhole so not much time lost in driving. I have...
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    Farm raised goats milk in Michigan

    I really don't know where my thread belongs. This is about finding goats milk to use in CP soap, that's why I started here. Mods, please feel free to move it wherever you think it would be appropriate. I have been wanting to try goats milk in a soap, but I need it to be from cruelty free farm...
  10. K

    Moving advice

    I need little help in deciding folks. My husband and I had planned a move, for about a month now. We set the date for tomorrow, reserved a truck and made arrangements with moving help for loading and unloading the truck. Everything is going as planned or it was until we saw yesterday that there...
  11. K

    Cosmetic grade vs regular oils from Soapers Choice

    I'm looking to buy from SC. I didn't know about them until about 3 days ago when someone mentioned their low prices. So I went checking and for some oils they have seperate listings of cosmetic grade and regular refined. The cosmetic grade oils are much cheaper so I would think they are of a...
  12. K

    something wrong with my salt bar but what is it?

    I have a head scratcher here, please forgive my long story. The soap in question is a mini rebatch of several slivers off of a chunk of soap made in a shoe box ' mold'. Cut way too much off trying to get decent looking soap. It was a second batch of my first recipe, a regular soap recipe with...