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    Free Oil, soapmaking-resource
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    Soapmaking Resource, Free Oil Free 32 oz Olive Oil, and 32 oz Castor with a $50 order Just realized it's a flash sale, ends at midnight
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    Tax Time, Soapmaker 3

    I have been using Soapmaker 3, and as many may know they added a COGS equation. My question is about the Holdiay gifts I just used for my friends. I created an invoice for purchaser "Personal Use" I added the items I used to the invoice. My question is in the cost, should I put Zero, or the...
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    Non-Soap Shampoo Bar

    I recently bought a shampoo Bar on vacation, and I actually really like it, but it doesn't appear to actually be soap. It looks like it was molded in two halfs and squeezed together like a bath bomb. All though it feels like soap. Has anyone made these? The Ingredients were: Sodium coco...
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    Vista Print Web Services

    Has anyone built a website with Vistaprint? I have been looking at starting a website, and I am a little overwhelmed with all the choices for site building and payment companies etc. I was ordering more business cards, and of course they try to sell you everything else, and they can match your...
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    Lip Balm Scraps

    I have been selling more lip balm, so instead of doing very small batches, I bought a couple of the silicone trays that hold 48. I overfill them a bit, then if the tops are ugly, I shave off the extra with a sharp knife. Is it okay to remelt these scraps and pour them in tubes for personal...
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    Adding Water to Premade Base

    So I haven't made the plunge to make my own Liquid soap yet. I bought a base from Wholesale Supplies. It is a little too thick for the foamer tops, which according to questions on their website this is a problem. So here is my question, if I add distilled water to the base + preservative, do...
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    WSP Sun & Sand

    I make a lot of candles with this fragrance, and a co worker asked if I could make soap with it. Has anyone used it in CP? Just wondering how it behaves and if it retains the awesome smell it has in candles.
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    Substitue for Cera Bellina wax

    I saw what looks like a great lip gloss recipe that I wanted to try. It calls for Cera Bellina Wax. This is the only ingredient that I currently don't have. I do have Candellia Wax and Beeswax, could either of these be used instead? And if so what ratio? edit: Just saw my horrible spelling in...
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    Scales for small amounts

    My scale works great for heavier items, but I have had a hard time with making small amounts of lip balm, etc. I calibrate it with a a 5 gram nickel and it is perfect everytime, but when measuring out things that are under 5 grams, it does not work very well. What type of scale works best for...
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    1st Attempt at Lip Balm

    Hi Everyone, I want to make my first attempt at Lip Balm today, and was going to use MMS basic receipe. 20% Beeswax 25% Soft Butter 15% Hard Butter 40% Liquid oil On The Swift Monkey blog she suggests using 3% of weight for a flavor oil, and I would like to add 1% Vit E. My Question is...
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    Honey Color

    I bought a new FO, Honey Almond. Any ideas on what colors to mix together to get a honey yellow color?
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    Lavender Sage, Bad Ash

    I usually never get ash, but this batch was pretty bad. I left it covered for an extra 24 hours too.
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    Soap looks Frosted

    I made a soap batch yesterday that was my standard recipe, but a new FO for me. WSP's Beach House. Everything seemed okay, I separated some off for two colors, and when I poured the White it looked not as creamy/smooth as it usually does. I have now unmolded it and it has like a...
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    Vitamin E

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a supplier with a decent price?
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    CP Sugar Scrub Soap Scrubbies

    Hi all, I make these the 3-2-1 recicpe. When I make a batch of soap, I make extra and just pour it in a red plastic cup. The next day I shred it and remelt and remelt to make the scrubbies. Here is my question: I was wondering (since I hate the shredding) is it possible to make them before...
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    Soapmaker 3 Pro, a little overwhelming

    Downloaded it yesterday and I am still reading all the help topics. It's a little overwhelming. All the decisions, grams or ounces, finding specific gravity, figuring out percent of water loss, etc. :problem: I'm hoping that it will get a little easier as I get going.
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    Layered CP & MP

    I wanted to a make a soap that was half CP & half MP in two layers, with the CP on the bottom. My question is do I have to wait a day to pour the MP on top or as long as I have a thick batter, can I just layer it right away?
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    Fragrance Sale this weekend

    I have two scents that I love from went to order today and noticed they are having a $4 off all 16 oz. fragrances this weekend if anyone is interested.
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    I fell in love with Candlescience's Lavender/Chamomile, but it isn't skin safe. Does anyone have a favorite of this that they use in soap?