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  1. J

    Soap comparison. Can cheap oils work just as well?

    Hello everyone. I am very new into soap making and am having a blast. Many have been following my last thread "second soap attempt" and I thank all of you. I purchased some cheap Walmart brand vegetable oil which was strait soy bean oil for some baking, but I knew I was not going to use all of...
  2. J

    Learned something new about adding real raw honey to soap.

    Hello everyone. So in my first successful batch of soap I noticed that it was brown. Like a can a refried beans kind of brown. Brown is not the most appealing color for soap. So I wanted to start removing variables and figure out why it turned such a color. As others on this forum did, I as...
  3. J

    Second soap attempt.

    hello everyone and thanks to all that read and commented on my other thread "First soap attempt". It took a while for the tractor supply near me to get the 100% Lye drain cleaner in. But today I made for attempt number two. I did several things differently. 1st: used 100% Sodium Hydroxide...
  4. J

    First soap attempt!

    Hello all! My wife has been wanting to do soaps and lotions for a while now. We have already done chapstick before. So finally thought I would give it a go. I have my own bee hives and so wanted to use my own bees wax. I tried to find pure lye but that seems to be a problem in Oklahoma. So...