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    "sweating" on top? Fo's or something else?

    Hey guys! I made a batch of "bastile" soap the other day- 90% OO 10% castor for bubbles. I've made this recipe many times before and I really like it- takes forever to harden, but that's standard. Anyway, it came to trace rather quickly it seemed, but I hadn't added my fo in at that point, so I...
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    Definition of irony

    I broke my nose yesterday and upon arriving home from the doctor, I received an order of 4 fragrance oils in the mail I'd been chomping at the bit to receive. I cannot smell any of them! Grrrr! Still might soap at least one today, and will wait not so patiently for the nose to heal up so I can...
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    Experiment, and a question please regarding oatmeal soap

    Hi everyone! I just soaped a batch of oatmeal soap (no fragrance) yesterday and got creative. I mixed my lye with cream. I allotted for the spoiling effect and my cream didn't curdle. First experiment soaping with cream and lye mix. I unmolded today and it's lovely soap but has a heavy cream...
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    Thank you!

    I don't quite know where to post this, so I thought general chat might be a good catch-all? I just wanted to say thank you to the members of this board! I'm not a new soaper (but I act like one!) and have had a lot of questions that get quick replies! I really appreciate that. I think through...
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    Quick rebatching question

    Roughly how long after rebatching should the soap take to set in the molds? Would it be 24 hours like regular CP soap? Rebatched a batch last night and it's still not set up. Just wondering what I can expect as I've never rebatched before. If all goes well, I've got several batches to rebatch...
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    Soap SOS!!

    Hello all, and HELP!!! I just finished an oatmeal/honey soap that came together perfectly (perfect color, consistency, etc) and poured into the mold beautifully. Just went to peak at it and it's horrible! It has turned almost black and is bubbling over the mold and has actually melted the mold...
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    Some soapie questions!

    Ok, here goes. I have made 3 batches of soap in 3 days (1 lb batches each time) and the first one traced almost immediately and turned out usable, but ugly in it's mold. Second batch turned out perfect! The third batch (made today) traced even quicker than the first and is all goopy in the mold...
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    Help with recipe?

    Hello all! I'm currently trying to find a recipe for specific oils and am not having great success- can anyone give me a good recipe for the following oils? Olive oil (pomace) Palm oil coconut oil (76) shea butter Also could add another oil if needed that could be purchase locally-...
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    Hello from Indy!

    Hello all! Just found this site and can't wait to start reading! I'm fairly new to soap making and have LOTS of questions! I'm looking forward to finding the answers here! Thanks so much!