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    Where can I get these??

    Does anyone know where I can get clam shaped soap molds,...they aren't really molds but it were you can pour your soap in them and they have a design and you can simply close the back and they are ready for the shelf! Very similiar to the tart clamshell for the break apart tarts but for soap, I...
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    soap mold

    I am looking for the soap mold that say "Dirty Boy" and "Dirty Girl" I saw them once on Ebay and I haven't seen them since ..I have done a complete search but if anyone knows where I can get these I would appreciate it.. Thanks so much
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    Paper Air Fresheners

    Does anyone know where I can get Paper Air Fresheners that we scent and color ourselves? Thanks in advance...
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    Wax Dipped Bear

    Does anyone know the life expectancy of a waxed dipped bears? I have heard someone say you are supposed to throw them out after 4 years because of the dust they can hold (I tell my customers to purchase air in a can to clean them) but I have only heard that once and I don't know if it's true...
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    TOG Mold?

    OK,.,,.I have to ask... :oops: What is a TOG mold?? Everyone keeps talking about them and I have never heard of it.....
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    Some of my candles.....

    Here are some of my bigger format...(thanks Ian!!) Again...I am big on the fake food candles....they are so much fun to do. Mixed Muffin Tray... Banana Split Candles My Preserve Candles...these are my Pickles In a Jar scented in Cucumber Melon Bowl of...
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    Some of my soap...

    I figured I would post some of my soap pictures.. They are MP soaps... Ok...forget it...I can't figure out how to add pics heres... sorry to tease you.... :cry: Been trying for awhile now...I give up... :idea:
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    whipping MP

    Hello All! Wondering if anyone has ever tried to whip Melt and Pour soap for a differrent effect? I don't even know if it can be whipped.....
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    I might as well introduce myself as well....

    Hello everyone! I am happy to be part of your forum! I have already posted a question and have had it answered very quickly by Ian....I can tell I will enjoy your forum alot. I have had the same question in another forum (I won't mention which one) for over 2 months now without
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    Blacken Beeswax

    Hello All!! I am new to your forum and excited to join you in your discussions..... I have been a candle maker and soap maker for 2 years now and I love every minute of it...well most times anyway... I am wondering if anyone knows how to blacken beewax? I want to make some really primitive...