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  1. J

    Help- opaque Irish Lass GLS batter

    Hi There, I am attempting the IL GLS process. I have been blending for 50 minutes and my batter is still opaque. The temp fell to 150 degrees and started to stiffen so I put it back over the heat to continue blending. I am using a combo of manual stirring, wisking, and SB to prevent my...
  2. J

    Where to keep all of this soaping STUFF?

    Hello ladies and gents, I am finding myself surrounded by soaping supplies everywhere I turn. I started out with a place for everything. But as my supply inventory slowly grew, I began filling every nook and cranny in 3 rooms now with soaping supplies. My DH hates clutter. I have a high...
  3. J

    Green spot on my salt bar. Want to see?

    Hi Everyone, I recently made a batch of salt bars. The next day I noticed a green spot on one of my bars and one of my tester pieces. I did not see anything on the surface of any other bars. Dies anyone know what this is? I used 90%CO and 10% castor. No other additives.
  4. J

    Has anyone added ingredients to soap that has been salted out?

    Hi There, I am about to salt out a few oops batches of soap that are horribly scented or don't lather due to too many additives. My questions are: 1. Will I really miss the glycerin on my skin? Has anyone used salted out soap in the shower and compared it to a similar formula virgin CP...
  5. J

    My liquid first dish soap... Maybe my last.

    Hi there everybody! Whew! I just had a marathon soap making day. I made several batches including my very first liquid dish soap. Yep, I read through that mammoth liquid soap thread and decided to jump in. I made a LS with 95% CO AND 5% castor (I was hoping to sustain the bubbles). 0%...
  6. J

    Oh! THAT Dove commercial.

    Hi everyone, I think I remember reading a post a while back with a discussion about whether or not the Dove commercial had validity to its claims. Well now I can't find the thread, but I think that I have finally seen the commercial and now I want to know whether there's anything to it. I...
  7. J

    Cold Water FO = Cool Water FO???

    Hi Soapers, I was just about to make another batch of my Cold Water soap when I realized that I am out of Cold Water FO (BB)! I just placed an order from BB five days ago and I am still waiting for the shipment to arrive. I try to limit my orders from them because it costs so much and...
  8. J

    SM3 -- difficulty assessing initial inventory and calculator questions

    Hi there! I am thinking about purchasing the SM3 pro software. I have a Mac but my husband bought a laptop for a really low price that he so graciously agreed to let met use in order for me to download this software. I have been reading posts and reviews on SM3 but I still have a...
  9. J

    Why does bar soap require cure while liquid doesn't?

    Hi Soapers, I apologize up front if this is a repeat question. I tried to find the answer on existing threads but didn't really see a detailed discussion. I have read that liquid soap is ready to use the same day. CP solid soap is technically soap after gel or within 24 hours (no gel)...
  10. J

    Rose clay bath bomb

    Hi Everyone, So... I decided to make my first bath bomb last night while in a hurry at bedtime. I already knew that my worst work happens under these kinds of circumstances. But I was feeling more artistic than scientific so I went for it withought doing much planning. I used: 2:1 baking...
  11. J

    Coconut carbon soap is not staying black

    Hello Soapers, I have a problem. I have made two attempts at making a solid black bar using coconut carbon. In both cases, the bar pours a solid black, then after sitting, another color emerges. Here is the recipe. Castor 5% CO 20% OO 20% Lard 55% CP, probably soaped around...
  12. J

    What do you do with your messed up soaps?

    Hey there, What's your favorite way to recycle your messed up soaps? I like to rebatch soaps that lack something ( color, scent, lye , or oil). I recently made a batch of soap that needs more lye -- I forgot to add 6 grams more more lye to compensate for citric acid. It also...
  13. J

    Is there a method to testing soaps early?

    I am still an impatient soaper. I find myself testing bars way too early. What I usually do is grab my sample bar (i.e. The ugly or irregular looking one) and wash my hands with it. If the soap is really new, I wash with gloves, just to see how it lathers and smells. Then I dry the bar off...
  14. J

    Please help me to explain to people why FO is used instead of EO

    When I first started making soap I entered with the assumption that natural was always better. A couple oops batches later I quickly decided to try FO instead of wasting expensive EO. I'm not really good with blending my own scents. None of my EO soaps really smell GOOD. The biggest factor...
  15. J

    One more salt question... Am I making this more complicated than it really is? :)

    Hi everyone, I have been reading a few salt threads and I am still a little fuzzy about how varying levels of salt effect soap. Some of the things I have read confuse me a bit. Please help me to understand by correcting the statements below and/ or answering the questions. Things that I...
  16. J

    DIY vanilla FO in CP soap??

    Hi all, So I got this idea for a soap in the middle of the night and naturally I want to make it today. The problem is that I need vanilla scent. The only things I have on hand are vanilla flavor oil and other FOs that have a low vanilla content. Because I want to soap today, I am...
  17. J

    Lavender EO in CP-- does it die or just weaken?

    Hi folks, Every time that I use Lavender EO in a blend, I find that the Lavender disappears (or is overpowered) in the finished product. I also found this chart which lists Lavender as an EO that reacts to lye. The reaction doesn't necessarily mean that the scent will die. It may mean that I...
  18. J

    Soft soap and separation. Could it be my pre-mixed lye water?

    Hi again, I recently decided to pre mix a bunch of lye so that I can make soap faster. Every batch that I have made with this solution has either separated in the mold, or turned out so mushy that it was still like soft ice cream 24 hours after pouring. In every case, I ended up doing HP...
  19. J

    Does activated charcoal kill FO?

    Hi again! I was thinking about using some activated charcoal for color along with one of my FO samples. But then I though "doesn't activated charcoal soak up odors?" "Would I have to add extra FO?" "Should I try my FO sample on a does that doesn't have charcoal?" Does anyone have any...
  20. J

    Adding clay for color CP and HP

    Hi again! Quick question- when is the best time to add clay for color in both cold process as well as hot process. Is it okay to add it to the oil before mixing? If I add it at trace, can I cook it with the clay mixed in? If so, how does it affect the final product? Or is it best to add...