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  1. sudsy_kiwi

    Another master-batching question

    Does anyone know how much volume dissolved lye adds to water? Ie, I know that putting a kilo of NaOH into a kilo of H2O will give me 2 kilos of solution...but how much space will that occupy? I ask because I've just bought 5kg of lye and want to master-batch it. I have a 5L (safe) plastic...
  2. sudsy_kiwi

    Any party plan sellers here?

    I recently sold some B&B products to a co-worker at my "other" job, and she was so excited by them that she suggested having some friends over for me to sell to...much like the Tupperware partied of old (might be showing my age a bit here :lolno: ). Anyway, it got me thinking, and I actually...
  3. sudsy_kiwi

    Non-basket Gift Basket Ideas

    I'm putting together some Mothers' Day themed gift packs for some co-workers, but am thinking I want to do something other than baskets. Does anyone have any suggestions for cool alternatives? Maybe you've seen or received something in the past that you could share? And without sounding too...
  4. sudsy_kiwi

    A "different" question about lye

    Okay, first, this didn't come from me. Second, the subject might be a bit macabre for some...fair warning. So, my girlfriend and her friend are both doing NaNoWriMo, and the friend had a question that worked its way back to me. I dunno what the hell she's writing, but one of her characters...
  5. sudsy_kiwi

    Are all glycerines created equal?

    I use glycerine in a number of my products, and have thus far been getting coconut-oil-based glycerine from the same suppliers as the rest of my B&B ingredients. While not super-expensive, it's not exactly cheap either. Then today, I found jars of glycerine in the supermarket baking aisle...
  6. sudsy_kiwi

    Need help with a lye problem

    I have a big solid lump of lye and I'm not sure what to do with it. It's been like that since I bought it, and I just used up all the powdered stuff first, but now I'm really down to having to use this up. So my first idea was to seal it up in its plastic tub and shake the living bejesus out...
  7. sudsy_kiwi

    Rebatch question

    I recently made a cinnamon beer soap, and after waiting impatiently for a month I finally used it. It feels wonderful as I'm washing with it, but as it washes off I can virtually feel the oils stripping from my skin, leaving it temporarily dry. I was reading another thread yesterday in which...
  8. sudsy_kiwi

    Tried some oat water...not so good

    Had my first real problem batch tonight, and not too sure where the problem was. Up til now, I've kept things pretty simple, trying to get the basics right...about the flashest I'd done was a simple 2-layer soap. So tonight I wanted to try my first swirl. I decided I wanted to do a coffee...
  9. sudsy_kiwi

    Refrigeration or Insulation?

    I'm relatively new to soaping so followed online 'how-to' guides to start with. These recommended wrapping the soap mould in a towel to insulate it for the first 24 hrs. But I've just been reading a book of soap recipes, and the author instructs to refrigerate for the first 24 hrs. Since...
  10. sudsy_kiwi

    Transporting non-cured soap?

    So I made my first ever batch of soap on the 1st of Aug, following a recipe for 100% Olive Oil Castille soap that I found on another website. It told me that the soap would be fully cured in 6 weeks, which sounded fine. Since then, I stumbled across this forum, and have read that it can take...