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  1. Lion Of Judah

    Thank you :)

    Welcome to the forum Renae , Happy to have you here with us .
  2. Lion Of Judah


    Welcome to the forum Reuben , Happy to have you here with us.
  3. Lion Of Judah

    What oils to use?

    yes , as long as they have no other additives included , 100% coconut or palm oil .
  4. Lion Of Judah

    Back from Haitus

    welcome back to the forum. soap making is the best healing therapy anyone can ask for , very uplifting.
  5. Lion Of Judah

    Hello i am new

    Greetings and welcome to the forum . Ive made seamoss soap a couple times and like them . let us know how you like yours once you have tried them .
  6. Lion Of Judah

    New to Soapmaking

    Welcome to the Forum SPowers . give yourself a little [a lot] more credit , everything will become clearer to you as you get your feet wet and grow . you got the most important thing in your possession already .... and that's the love for soap making , now couple that with the wealth of...
  7. Lion Of Judah

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum Michelle , Happy to have you here with us.
  8. Lion Of Judah

    More interesting soap cutting?

    i don't think you will find anything much in the way of cutting soap different other than what is already there which is the two you made mention of and wire cutters to add to that list . in manipulating the surface of your soap for getting other textures there is the cavity (image) mold itself...
  9. Lion Of Judah

    Hello from Manitoba, Canada

    Greetings and welcome to the forum , Happy to have you here with us .
  10. Lion Of Judah

    Bettering the curing process

    jcandleattic hit the nail squarely on the head , for the process described is really water evaporation not "true" curing and is in the same line of the "dehydration" idea that floated around few years ago . the saponification process is still going on in that its crystal structure is being set...
  11. Lion Of Judah

    cant work--cant make soap

    ...... that doesn't mean you can't still do some online soap learning , like learn something new in the way of soap making in all of its many forms , or even go through your creative mind of things you haven't tried yet or things you can create ..... all else fails soap porn doesn't hurt , so...
  12. Lion Of Judah

    Happy New Year

    Wishing you all a very healthy & happy 2019 , May all of your soap making dreams be fulfilled this year , Bless.
  13. Lion Of Judah

    New member

    Greetings Min and welcome to the forum :)
  14. Lion Of Judah

    "Hard" Babassu oil for deodorant?

    Greetings cerelife , I apologize for responding so late to your post . The last time I've ordered Babassu from them was last year sometime . I've been ordering from them for years now and their Babassu Oil I get comes in a 33.3oz bottle that needs a warm bath to get it fluid . It has never...
  15. Lion Of Judah

    "Hard" Babassu oil for deodorant?

    ..... My Babassu (refined) from NDA is rock hard .
  16. Lion Of Judah


    Welcome to the forum Deb, Happy to have you here with us .
  17. Lion Of Judah

    A question from a novice

    have you tried spraying the tops with rubbing alcohol ?
  18. Lion Of Judah

    New to body butter making

    ...... just wanted to add : "There is no such thing as a stupid question " , not in the quest for learning.
  19. Lion Of Judah

    Salt & sugar in cp soaps?

    Salt & Sugar are added to the lye water and dis-solved before mixing in your lye . Salt adds a little firmness/hardness to the soap and Sugar adds a little more bubbles to you soap. both are used 1tbs ppo . I do use it and my soaps comes out fine . Its not a must have in your soap as some soap...
  20. Lion Of Judah

    Expired Items

    expired stuff gets turned into products that " I " use .