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  1. makemineirish

    Lye Vendor Comparisons?

    I ran out of sodium hydroxide today and intend to buy more. Most of the threads on lye that I have found on the forum reference where to find brick and mortar retailers or the cheapest option. I don't really care about either of those metrics. Having only bought from Camden Grey thus far, I...
  2. makemineirish

    Dedicated Crock Pot for HP?

    I have not made hot process soap before. It just did not interest me. I love the smooth texture and extensive design options available in cold process and have never been intrigued with the rustic appearance that comes from "cooking" soap. However, I have an idea that requires hot process...
  3. makemineirish

    Oregon Trails Free Shipping

    Oregon Trails is offering free shipping on any orders over $75 placed by 9:00pm Pacific Time tomorrow night.
  4. makemineirish

    Favorite Carrier Oils for Infusions?

    While not new to soaping, I have not bothered to experiment much with infusions. I watched the videos, read the blogs, and made a few small batches. I know how, but do not have a broad swatch of experimentation for a frame of reference. I tried natural colorants...but preferred micas. Then...
  5. makemineirish

    What to do when you cannot find usage rate...

    I found an ingredient that I want to use, but am hesitant to do so given my inability thus far to find a credible source (or even a sketchy one) citing safe usage rates and contraindications. The ingredient is Oakwood (NOT oakmoss) absolute. It is not listed on IFRA's website and I have not...
  6. makemineirish

    Mad Oils/ Mad Micas Discounted Shipping

    Mad Oils/ Mad Micas is offering $5 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and $10 to Canada this weekend.
  7. makemineirish

    Looking for wood in all the wrong places...

    I hope the "titles" thread has a field day with that one. In all fairness, I am not sure that there is any way to avoid the double entendre. Now, onto the "meat" of my problem. I have a soap that is still in the hypothetical stage. I know the design, colors, name, story, and fragrance notes...
  8. makemineirish

    Awesome sale IF you buy micas by the pound

    Mad oils currently has a 25% off sale on micas by the pound. It's not so exciting for us hobbyists, but should be exciting for some of you. I did not want to toy with the emotions of small-scale soapers by titling the thread Mad Oils Sale when this doesn't really benefit a lot of us.
  9. makemineirish

    Cetyl vs Cetearyl Alcohol in Formulation

    I would like to make a foray in crafting my own lotion/cream and have done some research to this end. For my first recipe, I wanted to attempt the body butter recipe provided on Swifty Crafty Monkey's blog. To this end, I added some emulsifiers and preservative into my shopping cart with my...
  10. makemineirish

    Book or Master List of Skin Sensitizers?

    I have some extra-crunchy friends that would prefer their Christmas gifts be scented only with essential oils. My soaping preferences tend toward the unusual or novel, and I do not sell. As a result, I am sometimes game on using materials that would not be cost-effective if profit margin was...
  11. makemineirish

    Do you use FOs you hate to make others happy?

    I usually only order fragrances based on my own preferences. That is not to say that I do not choose to gift people scented products based on their own likes, but it is certainly within certain limitations. For instance, I typically dislike florals, musk, patchouli, camphorous scents, and...
  12. makemineirish

    Looking for a, just mowed the lawn, grass FO

    I requested a sniffie of Grass Stain from Bramble Berry and was a bit disappointed. I understand that it is not always fair to judge a scent by its OOB aroma, but a few reviewers have seconded this opinion. (A keyword search of the forum just took me to a thread likening Grass Stain to banana...
  13. makemineirish

    Benefit of Lids on Container Candles?

    I got frustrated when my favorite candle company discontinued the xl jar candles that I had been purchasing and intend to make my own. I have done my research on the myriad of options regarding wax, wicks, etc. However, I am still a bit torn on the containers that I want to use. My dilemma...
  14. makemineirish

    EDTA Detractors?

    I have been reading the posts on EDTA for a while and am a bit torn. Respected soapers on the site love it and now use this chelator in every single batch. That being said, I know that many of us make personal care products explicitly for the purpose of ingredient control. It is certainly one...
  15. makemineirish

    Supplier of Quality Blueberry Seed Oil?

    I have been purchasing my blueberry seed oil from Lotioncrafter, but they have lost their supplier. There is no information as to when or if they will get it back in stock. I can google as well as the next girl, but am uncertain of the quality controls employed by other suppliers. Does...
  16. makemineirish

    Importance of Glass Type for Oil Storage?

    This is a bit of a newbie question. However, I have not had to deal with it before and am a bit flummoxed. My fragrance oils have been shipped in glass bottles through previous suppliers. However, I placed an order recently in which they arrived in HDPE plastic. I would like to transfer them...
  17. makemineirish

    Non-Fading Natural Colorants

    I am quite happy to use oxides, ultramarines, and micas. However, I would like to experiment with some truly natural colorants for my "crunchy granola" friends. I have browsed through all the threads on this forum and the Soapmaking Resource to identify which herbs/seeds/flowers yield the most...
  18. makemineirish

    Most and Least Favorite Ingredient /Oil/Butter/Additive ?

    I have something of an "eat with your eyes first" personality and am interested in trying out some novel design techniques. It only makes sense that I explore new territory in the recipes as well. I do not sell, and am forced to be uber-selective about what I make lest I end up with a hallway...
  19. makemineirish

    Adapting a Salt Bar Recipe to Remove Palm

    I plan to attempt a salt bar, but am interested in making something I like rather than the easiest option. I am fully committed to multiple attempts and refining my preferences. My hope is that you guys might be willing to pool a little collective wisdom into the coarse tuning. The parameters...
  20. makemineirish

    Problem Utilizing Site Comber

    I was not sure where to put this question, but decided on this forum because it is where the sticky about Site Comber is located. I am familiar with the sticky on "How to Search on SoapMakingForum Like a Pro" and have used Site Comber a number of times over the years. However, the format seems...