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  1. soapswirl

    SMF June Challenge Peacock Swirls

    Yep - I do mine with one skewer no problem :)
  2. soapswirl

    Emulsifying wax help

    Hi Nao, I'm in the UK too and spent a huge amount of time and money on trying to find a good emulsifying wax here! My advice would be to look at 'Aromazone', although they are based in France they do free delivery to the UK. They have a wide range and you can buy relatively small quantites to...
  3. soapswirl

    School supply rant

    Wow $20 for a calculator seems pretty excessive! I'm a secondary school maths teacher in the uk, the scientific calculators we use cost £5 ($7) and will be fine up to university level maths. What does the $20 one do?!
  4. soapswirl

    SMF July Challenge - Clyde Slide

    1. Earlene - I haven't done this one yet, so something new to learn. 2. Misschief - I have the next week off... I'm IN! 3. IrishLass - I've got some spare time, so I'm IN, too! (I'm excited- this will be my first challenge!) 4. TeresaT - excellent! My first one has a major oil slick, but I'm...
  5. soapswirl

    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    1. FlybyStardancer 2. Sonya-m - super excited to try this!! 3. amd - I have no idea what I've gotten myself into But I'm doing it. 4. traderbren - can't wait to whip it good! 5. Misschief - Oh, such fun! 6. Snappyllama - I cannot wait to try my hand at whipping up a batch. 7. Lisa Anne 8...
  6. soapswirl

    Travelling Faux Funnel

    Newbie i think your explanation is spot on! I had a first attempt at this yesterday - in a loaf mould cut on the vertical. My fragrance oil accelerated so trace became very thick very quickly, i was spooning it in at the end. And as a result the pattern came out very shallow after the cut.
  7. soapswirl

    Purchased a fragrance for soap - it came unlabeled. Legal?

    Thanks TEG, I was about to look up how Norway handled cosmetic legislation with their membership of the EEA!
  8. soapswirl

    Purchased a fragrance for soap - it came unlabeled. Legal?

    I'm aware that Norway are not in the EU, however it was sold by a company in the UK which is in the EU. I would imagine that most of their market is in the UK where they do need to be compliant with EU regulations. And if they were compliant why would they abandon labelling procedure for...
  9. soapswirl

    Purchased a fragrance for soap - it came unlabeled. Legal?

    In response to the original question, as it was sold in the EU I don't think it is legal. Yes, as its a fragrance oil the ingredients can just be listed as 'parfum', but it does require a name label, weight and batch number. The company selling it should also provide you with a msds, allergen...
  10. soapswirl

    Unexpected changes when you move!

    Best wishes with your move into teaching! I've also gone from the chemical industry to the classroom - its quite the contrast! But 5 years later im still there.
  11. soapswirl

    Living in Europe - my suppliers of fragrances, essential oils etc.

    Oh no! Its a standard rate of 24 euros to the UK, i thought that was enough!
  12. soapswirl

    Living in Europe - my suppliers of fragrances, essential oils etc.

    I've never had to pay customs duty for anything from within the EU, only the occasional time i've ordered from the US. I've used loads of times - its only the delivery charge which is off-putting!
  13. soapswirl

    Buying other people's soap

    Another source for Aleppo soap is 'Nature et Decouvertes' in France. Search pain d'alep on their website. I got some of the 35% stuff last year while i was in France on holiday. So yes i like trying other peoples' soaps too!
  14. soapswirl

    European Soapers Please Read

    I'd love to join in :)
  15. soapswirl

    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    33. Soapswirl - voted
  16. soapswirl

    Hello everybody

    What are you hoping to use slsa or sls for? Sls will certainly be the cheaper option (ive seen it around £8/kg). You can also get a form of sls which is derived from coconut - you may see it labelled as 'sodium coco sulphate'. I make a shampoo bar with this and find it lathers well and doesnt...
  17. soapswirl

    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    I think I may have just created an entirely grey loaf of soap! Grrr challenge frustration!
  18. soapswirl

    A newbie question!!

    I don't think rice bran oil gives similar properties to palm oil I'm afraid, I use it quite a bit - it is more similar to olive oil. All the palm free vegan recipes I have seen involve a combination of butters as a replacement for the palm, which certainly will put the price up unfortunately. If...
  19. soapswirl

    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    1.TheDragonGirl (this should be fun!) 2. Dixiedragon (houndstooth, y'all, my fellow Alabamians get it) 3. BlackDog (just finished my first one! Ice storm here today, so.....) 4. Seawolfe - woop woop! 5. Obsidian- this is one I can do lol 6. MySoapyHeart (would love to do this, now that I am...
  20. soapswirl

    100% coconut oil soap cure time

    I find they get much better after a long cure, at least 10 weeks for me!