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    Amber Essential Oil?

    Thank you for the link, lsg - to me, this is the key phrase: "Unlike our oils from living plants, there is no essential oil that can be directly obtained from the fossilized resin." I'm going with that as truth, especially since I've never seen a true 'amber essential oil'. Thanks for your help!
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    Amber Essential Oil?

    This may end up being a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Had a customer yesterday tell me that she has a 'big bottle of amber essential oil, that cost $500' and she'd like to 'give' it to me, so that I can make salt scrubs and soap for her with it. I have never heard of amber...
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    Wholesaling Issues - need advice

    That's what I did - bought it back at her cost and explained to her (again) why my lip balms aren't the same as Chapstik and why the soap needs to be stored differently. She seemed to listen this time. I feel like I was chastising her - but I'm hoping she understands, now. We also had a talk...
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    Wholesaling Issues - need advice

    The real story is that she went to a convention on "restoring downtowns" and one new thing was this "space sharing" initiative, which is putting a business in another business' storefront after hours. She brought this idea to another friend of ours who is an eye doctor. The doctor's office...
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    Wholesaling Issues - need advice

    You are right, of course, but this time I know. And, with everything I do usually - I put out the expectation (as in a contract or rules of our farmers market) and hope that people follow it. This particular case, I didn't do that AND she's a friend - double jeopardy as it were. I guess it's...
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    Wholesaling Issues - need advice

    I'm going to sit her down on Friday and have a solid "business" talk with her. Your comments have helped me a lot. I'm a stubborn old mule and I do not feel that I should have to take this stuff back, at my cost. She's supposed to be open 3 nights a week, for 5 hours each night - it's part of...
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    Wholesaling Issues - need advice

    No. I was a butt-munch, helping her out, more than myself and we've been going on no contract. I knew it was wrong from the beginning, but it's the "she's a friend" thing. She doesn't sell much in this shop and my soap is the most heavily rotated product through there. That's right - she has...
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    Wholesaling Issues - need advice

    Hi all! I haven't bee around in awhile, but I really need some help with an account. Please let me know what you would do: I have a boutique account who is also a personal friend. She opened her shop about 1.5 years ago and I've been selling to her since she opened. She has stock of mine...
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    How to label "FO" when wanting "natural" advertising

    Just to jump into the fray, how 'natural' is your soap, if you're using sodium hydroxide? How 'natural' is it if you're sourcing your oils from as far away as India or Africa? In for a penny, in for a pound I say. I call my soap "natural" and I'll use fragrance oils, because that's what people...
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    What happened here

    I've never seen that before either, but I would agree that maybe the bottom part of your mix (not the bottom part of your finished soap) was not mixed as well. Is there fragrance in the whole uncolored part?
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    Is this totally messed up or not?

    That is completely messed up and still is! They just send letters home, now. My friend has 3 daughters who are all naturally slim like she is. From k-8, with her last one, she got letters home every year telling her her daughter was underweight. These kids are the healthiest eaters I've ever...
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    Introduction: Greetings from NH

    That's a like a four day drive from me, ha ha ha! This is one big state, I'll tell you what :)
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    Is doing M&P Cheating? Like a Box Cake Mix?

    I still think that MP soaping is NOT soap MAKING. This is getting old - this back and forth - but as long as the MPer is honest with their customers, all's good. I think many of us have seen just one too many soap booths with craft soap being sold as handmade soap, with wild claims attached, as...
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    Introduction: Greetings from NH

    I'm in sunny Mansfield - you?
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    Introduction: Greetings from NH

    We moved to Tex-ass directly from Newton, NH. I miss it every day.
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    Thoughts on Sunflower Oil

    I love HO sunflower at 10% in my soaps.
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    How to get my CP soap WHITE

    A little off topic - but what does Borax bring to the party?
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    What is the difference?

    "Lye discount" and "superfat" are pretty much the same thing. When you discount, you don't use the full amount of lye that would saponify all the oils in the batch. Say you need 5oz of sodium hydroxide for the amount of oils you are using, you would take a discount on that. If using a 5%...
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    Walking Dead

    I was surprised I enjoyed it. When it started I said to my hubs "WTH? It's all about Morgan?? Who cares?" ha ha. But I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Even got all the quiz questions right, so I must have been paying attention. :)
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    d-limonene usage

    This is where I get mine and the info about it: