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  1. sudsy_kiwi

    Kiwi soap maker

    G'day from Dunedin...hope you survived the storms last night without too much damage
  2. sudsy_kiwi

    Soaping with Pomace, Woes of a Kiwi

    Have you had a look at these guys?
  3. sudsy_kiwi

    Manuka Oil

    Wow, an Aussie who isn't trying to pinch something good from us ??? :lol: Crikey, we'll have Phar Lap and pavlovas back too thanks...(you can keep Russell Crowe) lol
  4. sudsy_kiwi

    Coffee making bath bombs expand

    I know this doesn't directly address your questions, more of a heads-up to consider really... I used to sell chocolate bath milk, but stopped offering it after the feedback pointed out that a lot of people disliked the idea of bathing in brown bath-water. (My partner's daughter actually asked...
  5. sudsy_kiwi

    Letting your customers do the curing - thoughts?

    Lol, I hear ya...I'm on my second-to-last bar of a salt batch I made back in early 2015, and no-one is allowed to use it but me :twisted:
  6. sudsy_kiwi

    My first shaving soap is a success!

    I've made several batches of this shaving soap over the months, and have made a few tweaks of the recipe, and I have to add my voice to the chorus of those who have loved it. I've tried several commercial shave soaps, and this beats them all IMO. The lather is simply astounding. Now to my...
  7. sudsy_kiwi

    Sex In The Shower

    Note to self...must try sex in the shower :) Where does one get this "sex in the shower" you speak of?
  8. sudsy_kiwi

    alternative tallow recipes....

    Quick question...Is "GV shortening" a brand name, ie just something Americans are likely to have access to, or does it refer to a type of shortening, but not brand-specific? I can get tubs of shortening at my local supermarket, and according to the label they are "100% beef shortening". I...
  9. sudsy_kiwi

    scenting deodorant

    My latest batch I scented with White Sage & Sea Salt well as a unisex scent
  10. sudsy_kiwi

    Tallow tips... first batch smelled bad!

    I always triple render my lard and tallow and have never had an issue with smell, whether in CP soaps or in lotions. It does make the rendering process longer, but I think it's worth it for the improvement. Also, I read a tip that adding a peeled potato to the water during rendering will help...
  11. sudsy_kiwi

    Magnesium hydroxide

    Hey that stuff is no laughing'll kill the heck out of ya if you're not careful :twisted:
  12. sudsy_kiwi

    Another master-batching question

    Thank you for your help. DeeAnna, that is perfect, thanks. I was aware the density would change and therefore the relationship between volume & weight, but not by how much. I'll be printing that post out and adding it to my knowledge bank :) Also, yes I will be mixing it in a different (also...
  13. sudsy_kiwi

    Another master-batching question

    Does anyone know how much volume dissolved lye adds to water? Ie, I know that putting a kilo of NaOH into a kilo of H2O will give me 2 kilos of solution...but how much space will that occupy? I ask because I've just bought 5kg of lye and want to master-batch it. I have a 5L (safe) plastic...
  14. sudsy_kiwi

    Does Anyone Make Bath Salts

    I include BS and CA in my salts to give them a bit of a fizz. I store and sell them in those stand-up mylar & plastic pouches with both a zip-lock and a heat seal. Previously I had the issue that after a while, unsold ones started to "clump" a bit and look slightly damp. So I threw a silica...
  15. sudsy_kiwi

    Tallow Sheep %

    I actually find it to be quite a slow tracer. But once it gets there it goes from light to thick trace pretty fast. If I'm doing something swirly I often have to move fast to get it done, or the final layers are being glopped in on top. But the soap it produces is heavenly
  16. sudsy_kiwi

    Tallow Sheep %

    I use varying percentages of lamb tallow in most of my soaps. One of my most popular uses 70% tallow... it is such a luxurious soap, it always sells. I get mine from my girlfriend's organic lifestyle block, every time we butcher some lambs. Luckily for me, it's free...but here in NZ there are...
  17. sudsy_kiwi

    Browsing soap pics

    Awesome idea! Are they painted on somehow? Without setting the fizzing reaction off?
  18. sudsy_kiwi

    Mother of Dragons

    That's amazing!!! What did you use for the the red?
  19. sudsy_kiwi

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who's ever done this....

    For me, it's forgetting to add fragrance. Honestly, the number of times I've been cleaning up after proudly finishing off another soapy masterpiece ( :lolno: ) only to find my wee jug of FO still sitting there, mocking me with its' unused-ness. But I get around it by telling people I made it...
  20. sudsy_kiwi

    Browsing soap pics

    Oh sure, NOW it does :-)