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    White powder problems...

    Can anyone tell me what causes this white powdery stuff on my soap? The is the worst i've had it on any batch. How can I fix it or just avoid it from happening again? This batch was honey & oatmeal goat milk soap. It also came out WAY lighter than my other batch. I also had a few white powder...
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    hand-milled soap ?

    When hand-milling soap can you use milk or is water better? I am going to try and hand-mill some of my goat milk soap.
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    corn meal?

    Has anyone used corn meal in their soap? I read online that it is supposed to give off a sweet smell and is used as an exfoliant. I was just wondering if anyone had any used it and what they thought about it if they did. How was the soap... ect? Thanks!! Dag
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    raw milk vs pasturised

    raw goat milk vs pasturised goat milk - Is one better than the other to make soap with?
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    I just started making soap in May. I started because my little boy has eczema really bad and nothing seemed to help. My friend has a little boy is battling it too so I figured it was worth a try. My son is allergic to eggs, dairy and peanuts so he drinks goat milk. The lady I get my milk from...
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    bentonite clay?

    I found a recipe that calls for bentonite clay where do you buy it? The recipe is from ;)
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    Honey & Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap

    My first try with these recipes :) It already smells good enough to take a bite out of! :lol: (my son keeps trying to!) And here are pics of my coconut oil goat milk soap: I'm really new to this (these are my 2nd & 3rd batches) I've had to get aa little creative with...