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  1. wearytraveler

    A wolf in sheep's clothing...

    Does anyone here regularly use lanolin in their CP soap? If so, what are the pros/cons to using it and what is the recommended amount? I'm asking about a body/bath bar, not for shaving. Thanks!
  2. wearytraveler

    My first hanger swirl

    Made this yesterday. I'm just starting to play with colors and this is my first shot at a hanger swirl. I used BB's Grapefruit Lilly which has been reviewed to accelerate a bit but it gave me enough time (just) for a couple of colors. TD and rose kaolin were used to color. I'm assuming the...
  3. wearytraveler

    Looking for the gentlest white base

    I've been doing CP for a year now and while I've never really worked on M&P I think I have the basics down to where I can get it done. My daughter has shown interest in making some soap on her own and I'd like to get her started in M&P. The issue is that I'm not that familiar with the...
  4. wearytraveler

    Looking for shrink wrap

    Sorry if this has been answered before but I'm currently on my phone and the search isn't working for me. I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of good quality, 6" x 6" shrink wrap bags that I can use with an impulse sealer for my soaps. I'd prefer the ones that are "smell through"...
  5. wearytraveler

    Maybe I should have waited...

    So after a year of making soap (probably 30 or so batches) I finally had one of those days. Used a table cloth from an Easter dinner I went to to cover the work area (first time since I pride myself in NOT being messy) and it's one of those that has the felt-like backing. After measuring and...
  6. wearytraveler

    ITPS for PVC mold / Design thoughts?

    The back is feeling better and I think I'll be up to making the planned batch this weekend. I plan to make round bars in a PVC pipe and wanted to try my hand at an ITPS with two colors but since messing with colors is new to me I'm not sure what method will get me a "nicer" swirl in the...
  7. wearytraveler

    Adding powdered goat's milk

    I'm putting together a recipe and would like to add GM into the mix but don't know how much. The total oil weight will be 44 oz and I plan to add 4 oz of coconut milk and mix the powdered GM with the coconut milk and add to the oils and mix before adding the lye water. Can anyone tell me how...
  8. wearytraveler

    A lotion recipe

    I'm hoping this is the right place for this post. (moved) I'm looking to start making lotions and I'd like to know if anyone can point me in the direction of a light (not greasy) and easily absorbed recipe. Like the soap I make, this will be for my use primarily and then family and friends...
  9. wearytraveler

    Too white or not two white...?

    I'm waiting for some FOs to be delivered and in the interim I'm planning the next batch. I'm looking to try something I've never done before; a three color in the pot swirl to be poured into a PVC pipe/mold. Does TD have to be added to the separated batter before adding the specific colors...
  10. wearytraveler

    One vs. the other - Milks & creams

    Just looking to get an idea of which people think are better and why. Coconut cream vs coconut milk vs buttermilk vs goat's milk vs anything else that would fit in either of the categories. I get that a lot will be a personal preference thing but I'm curious to hear any possible pros vs cons...
  11. wearytraveler

    Yesterday's batch

    I'm not one to often mess with colors but I have a few mica sample packets and I was in a brave enough mood to try a bit of a drop swirl and the attached is the result. I'm also looking to thin out the FO samples I have and decided to try out a hodgepodge of FOs by dripping a little of each. I...
  12. wearytraveler

    Sugar... it's a sweet thing

    So I'm planning a batch for this weekend and I happen to have an unopened bag of powdered sugar. I always add sugar to my liquid and wanted to know if a tablespoon of granulated sugar is the same as a tablespoon of powdered sugar or if this is one of those times when a measure of one is less or...
  13. wearytraveler

    Cream of the crop... or the coconut.

    So I'm looking to experiment with adding coconut cream to my next batch to see what it brings to the table (or shower, as the case may be). I experimented with CO milk on a couple of batches and wasn't wowed by it. I replaced some of the water for the lye but added the milk to the oil right at...
  14. wearytraveler

    Looking for lip balm tubes

    I've been contemplating making my own lip balm and if I give it a shot I'd like to have my balm in tubes similar to what Labello uses for their balms. I prefer the larger cap over the typical "Chapstick" style cap that I always ended up dropping/losing. Does anyone know where I can get these...
  15. wearytraveler

    How low can you go?

    I hope my question will make sense, but I'm looking to get opinions as to how low of a percentage of any particular oil is so low that it no longer makes a difference in a given recipe. For example, will using 2% CO in a recipe that has 5 other oils make a noticeable difference? Just one of...
  16. wearytraveler

    How much sodium citrate?

    I just got my order of sodium citrate in and I'd like to use it for a planned batch tonight. How much do I add knowing I and those I give my soaps to have hard water? Also, what's the best way to add it? Dissolve in lye water? Add directly to warm oils? Thanks!
  17. wearytraveler

    Piping hot!

    I have CPOP'ed my batches since I started making soap last year (with the exception of the 2 HP batches I made) but this weekend I'd like to try my hand a batch of round soap and I bought a PVC pipe that I'll cut to about 15" and a flat cap for the bottom. I'm no PVC expert by any means but I'm...
  18. wearytraveler

    ​Does anyone else do this...?​

    If my recipe calls for, let's say, 9.62 oz. of water I always round it down to 9.00 oz. when it comes time to measure I've been doing this since I start making soap and I'm just wondering if anyone else does this.
  19. wearytraveler

    High percentage soft oils - Longer to saponify?

    ​I wanted to ask if soap made using a high percentage (60%) of soft oils (olive and avocado) will take longer to saponify. I ask because I made a batch on Saturday evening and CPOPed as usual (warming oven to 175 then leaving batch in overnight). Being this was my first batch with that much...
  20. wearytraveler

    Feedback on how this might turn out...

    Trying something different this weekend and using higher percentages of softer oils than I usually do. This would be made with 100% aloe vera juice, 7 TBSP of sugar, sodium lactate and an FO. Thoughts?