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  1. Dharlee

    Slimy soap?

    I got a bar of soap for an early Christmas gift from a person and wondered about it. The ingredients listed are only olive oil, water, coconut oil, lye and fragrance. The soap is really soft and extremely slimy. There is zero lather, but tons of "slime". 2 showers and it's half gone. I just...
  2. Dharlee

    Orange vs mandarin eo

    I have never yet used an orange eo, but do have a mandarin that I really like. I blended mine with lavender and thought the lavender was too strong at first but after 2 months it seems to have balanced more and I really like it. Actually this is the strongest smelling soap I have made to date...
  3. Dharlee


    I used Castor Oil for the first time in soap after joining this forum and finally got to use some today. Wow what a nice surprise!! Thank you for those who suggested it (Susie!) I can't believe that only 5% made so much difference! I LOOOOVE it!!!!:thumbup:
  4. Dharlee

    Lye concentration/ water discount

    Are they basically the same thing? When someone says "I used a 30% lye concentration" are the meaning the water setting in soap calc? I know what that basically means, IF they are the same thing. IF not, I am confused.:crazy:
  5. Dharlee

    Age of soap vs experation dates of oils

    I was reading on the forum and a thought occurred to me. (See the smoke? Lol) I hear you should be careful about how long you keep/use oils, but what about if you want to cure soap for s longer time than the shelf life of the oil? For example, castille soap might be best after curing for a...
  6. Dharlee


    I read this post in another thread: What on earth is this? I know I can't try it because I am allergic to wool, but why would you felt wool with soap? Or is that just how it's done? :Kitten Love:
  7. Dharlee

    Tallow soap!

    I made my first tallow soap over the weekend! It's a bit too soft to cut today , but I have to say WOW it's pretty! I don't mean any colors or swirls as I am not very good at that yet, but the whiteness of the bar is amazing. I have a question. (Please don't shoot me for asking too many!)...
  8. Dharlee

    Is this DOS?

    Hi, I made this soap about 8 weeks ago. It was 10% canola 30% olive 30% Palm 30% Coconut 5% SF Full water Cherry almond FO(WSP) and 1/2 tsp Rose Kayoline Clay for a little bit of a drop for interest. I am so new, and this is not the recipe I would use again as since finding you guys here I...
  9. Dharlee

    Does (can) FO change the color of lotion like soap?

    I wondered if it could or not. I don't really know why it happens in soap, only that if a FO contains much vanillin it can make CP soap much darker. Does the same thing happen with other types of products like lotions?
  10. Dharlee

    Palm Oil

    I was reading through the thread on people favorite videos and noticed that the woman who did some for Eve's Garden said she used this palm shortening in her recipe. I wondered if anyone has had any experience with this product and if...
  11. Dharlee

    Temperature for soaping too hot?

    I have about 10 batches under my belt and am wondering if I am soaping too hot after reading many of your posts. Generally I wait (and wait and wait lol) for the lye water to reach about 130 and make sure the oils are close to soap. So far it's been fine but is this too hot and a wreck just...
  12. Dharlee

    I have to ask what this is lol

    I notice this on the signature of several people and just HAVE to ask what it is. Hoity-Toity Snickerdoodle League?
  13. Dharlee

    Chocolate soap question

    Hi, I am fairly new to all this and think I have made a mistake in wanting to try too many oils in my soaps to start with. I have read so many things about soaping, but came to this conclusion when I found you guys! Apparently many poeple are in my camp, so now I am trying to learn to crwl...
  14. Dharlee


    I am from the USA on the east coast, VA. My name is Dharlee (Well actually it's Debbie but a lot of people call me Dharlee). I am fairly new to soap making- have been making soap for a few months and cannot say enough about how this has changed my skin. Simply amazing. I am not afraid to...