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    Coconut oil still liquid

    A while back, I got CO at Sams. All jars were fine, but one jar is still liquid. Actually, the bottom is solid, but top half is still liquid. Is this jar not destined for CP? I'm reluctant to use this jar in my soap. Why would all other jars resolidify, but this one won't? TIA for any input. As...
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    Tom Ford Black Orchid type FO by sweetcakes

    Hi Soapers, Has anyone used this FO in CP soap? If so, how did it perform for you? Any A or D? There isn't anything listed regarding performance anywhere that I can find. Also, if anyone uses SC FO's, do they utilize their recommendations such as: use at least 6oz of water PPO, soaping below...
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    Heat gun and sealer bar

    Hi all. I'm preparing to purchase a heat gun and a sealer bar for shrink bags. Has anyone purchased ones they love /hate? If so, which ones and why? What should I look for in them. Also, sealer bars come in various sizes. I was thinking the 12" would be wisest, but I may be wrong. Input greatly...
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    Green tea seed oil

    Has anyone used green tea seed oil as an additive? If so, can you give me some feedback? Did you lower overall SF to allow for this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Vitamin in in Whipped Body Butter

    I want to make up a batch of whipped body butter. My question is what kind of vitamin E oil? Most bottles of oil also contain other ingredients, and the strength varies. I think I remember someone posting not so long ago that Vitamin E capsules also contain other ingredients. What would you all...
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    Getting your FO to stick

    Some of my fo's stick well after cure, but others seem to just dissipate. I've heard of various methods, but do any of them work? Any and all suggestions that have worked for you would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes after steaming they come back, but not always. What do you all do?
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    Soaping wth Rooto brand lye

    I'm making my first batch of soap using the 100% Rooto brand of lye and I noticed some slight crusty stuff at the top. I'm planning on straining but is it safe? I've always gotten my lye from a soap supplier, and am leery for some reason.
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    Taiwan swirl in a T&S mold??!

    I've been wanting to try this technique. Having dividers,, I decided to do it in a TS mold. I now have no idea how I should cut it to bring out the beauty of the swirl without having miniature soap bars. Am I missing something or should I have done it in a wider loaf mold?
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    Sweet cakes masculine musk

    I recently purchased some fo's from SC, and none have info on discoloration. I was hoping someone had experience with this one and would share. I did find info on their site that suggested no SB once FO is added, to soap below 100 degrees, and to add at light trace. Any and all experience with...
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    Oil on top of my soap

    Hi! I tried searching forum, but couldn't find anything regarding this. Yesterday, I finally got to try my soaphutch mold. I've never CPOP'd before, and wanted to try. Soon after getting it in the mold, I noticed a bit of oil on top. Not much, but it looked green. This morning, there's still...
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    Costco Mediterranean blend

    Has anyone used this for soaping? If so, how do you calculate it into soapcalc or another lye calc? Thanks for helping as always!
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    Water discount

    Up until now, I've been using soapcalcs default setting and using full water. After reading much on the effects of water and mottling, I want to reduce my water, as I often get the mottling. My concern is that it's going to speed up trace significantly. My ultimate goal is 1.4:1 water :lye...
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    Making your own dupe?

    I'm in love with a scent that I got as a bubble bar. It's from that big chain that sells "natural & organic" for an arm and a leg. It lists the ingredients. Can I try and replicate the fragrance? Is the first listed EO the one with highest concentration! I've never done this before, but I'm so...
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    Creed dupe from sweet cakes

    I think we are all always on the lookout for a great smelling FO that gives plenty of play time. A week ago, I made a tester batch using sweet cakes creed dupe in Silver Mountain Water. OOB, it smells amazing. This FO almost gave me too much time, but I was tired and wanted to finish up. If...
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    Nurture neons and sale

    Just saw a post from Carrie. Upcoming steep sale (35%) off neons plus extra 10% for registered peeps. At any rate, someone was asking about cosmetic grade neons. Couldn't find post. Nurture will be carrying new line of cosmetic grade neons (except green) to replace ECOneons. ECO will be...
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    Recommendations on FO's

    Hi soapers, I'm getting ready to purchase a slew of FO's. I'm a new soaper, so ones that behave are pretty helpful. That being said, after looking around different sites, my head started spinning. Several sites that I've heard great things about don't give a lot of info about how their product...
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    Powdered additives

    I recently started adding silk to my lye water, and have loved the results. I've made goat milk soap, freezing the milk and slowly adding to lye, and coconut soap, adding majority of fluid as the milks directly to my oils. I have some goat milk powder, as well as colloidal oatmeal. How are these...
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    What's going on with my soap?

    This is the first time I kept my soap in fridge for 24 hours. Today, ( made soap Friday), I'm seeing a few white crystal type spots. They don't zap. Also, it seems the Orange is the only color that seems to be raising? First time attaching photo. Hope it works!
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    Kaolin clay & Bentonite clay

    I just got my order from american, and decided to order a few extra things with my T&S mold. 2 of them being the clays. How do I use them, and what do they do to the soap? Couldn't find any info on forum. Any suggestions and input?
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    Cafe-de-savon acrylic molds

    Hi soapers, I'm in love with the cafe-de-Savon acrylic molds, but navigating the site is an exercise in frustration and futility. The translation is hilarious, but not so funny when I really want to order. The sizes seem very confusing, and oddly small if I'm figuring properly in mm. I emailed...