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    Why is shipping so high?

    I want to order some AC so I went to BB. I added some orange mica since I was there. 2 oz. of products is $7.50 and the shipping to Texas is $8.50! I wonder if that's just their base minimum shipping because if I add the 16oz of avocado oil I want to try it's the same.
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    Impulse sealer problem

    After reading a thread here about the sealers, I bought one recommended on Amazon. DH had some ideas on how he could use it so I got the larger 12" instead of the 8". It's gone up since I bought it. I finally got time...
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    Santa came early!

    My wonderful DH bought me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas. He found a killer deal on Black Friday, Sears of all places had the best prices. It's a 6qt Bowl Lift Pro 6000. Just picked it up, it's pretty...and heavy! I've got a Czech recipe for kolaches I've been wanting to try, can't wait to...
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    Sock pattern for sensitive feet

    Not long ago in another thread about knitted socks, someone mentioned sensitive feet. We talked about doing purl stitches on the soles. I'm sorry but I can't remember who it was! I was browsing Ravelry today and came across this free pattern...
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    Replacing goat milk with aloe juice?

    So far, all I've made is GM soap. After reporting that my first attempt at this months challenge resulted in batter too thick to drop properly, someone mentioned that the GM could be at least part of the problem. So I want to try another recipe to try to get the thin trace that LP showed in the...
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    For all you lace pattern!

    Dee O'Keefe just released her last design, Aideen. I took the summer off from testing so I haven't done this one yet but I'll be stash diving tonight to start it soon. Also, Dee is starting a KAL in her Ravelry Group if you'd like to join us.
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    Addicted to knitting socks

    I don't know what's come over me the last couple of months but I can't resist knitting 'just one more pair' of socks! Most of the time I have a pair on the needles in a go bag to grab to work on in waiting rooms, on road trips, etc. And usually finishing a pair satisfies me for a few months. I'm...
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    Colored Lather....good or bad?

    Some of you may remember my first attempt at soap colored with purple oxide resulted in a pretty dark blue instead of the purple I expected. I used the suggested amount for my amount of oils. The color change is something I'll work out later but it also produces a blue lather. Not just a pale...
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    Acrylic molds from Soap Making Resource?

    I know there's been lots of info about molds but I haven't seen the pros and cons of acrylic molds. I've been looking at slab molds and found the acrylic molds from SMR. I like not having to line them! Has anyone used them? Pros and cons?
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    Keeping soaping records.....what's your method?

    With only 4-5 batches under my belt I'm not very far into all this BUT I already realize I need to keep better records! Part of the problem is I just get so excited I forget to write everything down! The friend that got me started soaping gave me her Excel spreadsheet with a soap calc...
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    Slab molds....which one?

    For my first couple of batches I used a small plastic drawer from a desk storage unit. It worked OK but there was this ridge around the edge. I love my loaf mold but want to try some color designs on a slab. So I've been looking at slab molds on the interwebs. I know I want one with dividers...
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    Traveling this weekend

    I'll be leaving his morning on a long weekend bike (Motorcycle) trip to the Texas Hill Country. I've been looking forward to this for months and it's finally here! Sadly DH can't go, he has to work. As I was packing my bathroom bag last night I found a bar of my GM soap sitting on top of the...
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    Soaping equipment

    I'm trying to get together everything I need to make soap. I have a good friend who got me started soaping and I've been making soap with her at her house. It was great fun and nice to have someone handy who knew more than me! Although after joining here and reading everything, we both realized...
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    Anyone have a Samsung Galaxy 6 phone?

    I'm having a new phone dilemma! I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note ll. I don't usually change phones just because my contract is up but there's been several models out since I got mine and I like some of the features. I do like Samsung and have decided to stay with the brand. I've been...
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    Hello from Texas

    I'm a soap newbie. I have a close friend who gave me some goat milk soap she'd made and I fell in love with it. I'm currently waiting on my second batch to cure and can already tell I'm going to really enjoy making soap. Especially after seeing some of the beautiful ones in the gallery. As...