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  1. gigisiguenza

    FOs and colorants for body butters?

    I made my first whipped body butter today and I'm very happy with it but wish I had added a scent and/or a color. I have FOs that I've used in soaping, but I'm not sure they're OK to use in a body butter. Same goes for colorants . I have natural colorants and a small amount of micas, both...
  2. gigisiguenza

    Life happened

    Hello to everyone, just wanted to say hi and I hope you are all well and happy :) I know I've been a ghost for quite some time on here, as well as other places. It's been a very rough couple of years, between losing my mom, my job closing it's doors, and relocating back to Reno, all of which...
  3. gigisiguenza

    Can you whip your lotion bar and create whipped lotion?

    I'm curious if I can take my lotion bar recipe I've been using and, while it's still liquid, whip it to make it light and creamy versus a solid bar. It's made using oils, butters, and beeswax. TIA for any advice :) Ps... life is slowly coming back together and there may actually be funds AND...
  4. gigisiguenza

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  5. gigisiguenza

    5 days and counting!

    Only 5 more days and I'll be home again. I'm excited and sad at the same time. I've missed my family so much, but I've made friends here that are like family to me and I'm going to miss them too when I go. Sigh. But on a more positive note... after going through my soaping supplies, it turns...
  6. gigisiguenza

    Any Houston Texas area soapers?

    When I go through my supplies, I'd like to be able to pass on what I'm not taking, but I can't do shipping. So if there are any Houston area soapers around here, please speak up, so I can contact you when I go through my soaping stuff. Thanks :)
  7. gigisiguenza

    Why we have pets and peepee dances :)

    There's nothing like a pet to keep you laughing. As you saw from my earlier post, I'm freaking out a bit lately. So I come home from a very crappy night at work, tired and feeling sorry for myself (I know, silly to do lol), and I set down with a big ole mug of heavily spiked hot cocoa...
  8. gigisiguenza

    Freaking out - where did all this come from???

    XSo I'm packing and sorting to move back to Reno, and as I make piles, I am realizing I have accumulated a lot more soaping stuff than I realized. I'm moving on a shoestring, literally getting rid of my entire life, to fit it into suitcases and a few boxes my friend will ship to me later. I...
  9. gigisiguenza

    Positive news :)

    Well, after year of stress levels so high I thought I'd have a friggin stroke, I'm see a light at the end of the tunnel finally. I'm leaving Houston and moving back home to Reno. It makes me sad to leave the friends I've made but it makes me happy to be with my family again, and to have time...
  10. gigisiguenza

    My Soapy anniversary :)

    I just realized that it's been a year since I made my first batch of soap. Wow. A whole year. And I've been using nothing but my own soap for a year. And I've had virtually no eczema, no rashes, and none of my usual reactionary irritation in so long that I can't remember when the last one was...
  11. gigisiguenza

    Question about using premade shampoo bases

    I'm curious about making shampoos, and I can't seem to find a recipe/tutorial that explains it in a way I can absorb. I want to make it from scratch, but I'm also cool with using a premade base. The problem is, I have no experience with the premade bases , so I'm looking for pros/cons and...
  12. gigisiguenza

    I'm alive (LOL) and I have a question :)

    Hello friends :) I've been very busy with work, bills, personal crisis aplenty, and plain old survival these past few months, and no time at all to soap (booo!). But I miss all your virtual faces and am going to try harder to not be such a ghost. I also have a question for those of you that...
  13. gigisiguenza

    Question about older soaps

    I've not been able to make soap for months and months and I miss it plenty. Between work and losing my mom a few weeks ago (which is still an ongoing family crisis sadly), my brain has been toast, so please pardon my question if it's a dumb one. Anyway, when I moved back in Dec, I had to box...
  14. gigisiguenza

    Soapy withdrawals and missing you crazy soapy folks

    It's been a couple of months since I was able to make soap and I'm suffering from withdrawals. I've been busy as blazes due to mega short staffing at work and using the extra cash to dig myself out of the hole my previous roommate put me in back in Dec, which is a plus. But, on the downside, I'm...
  15. gigisiguenza

    Does coffee butter contain caffeine?

    I know that the question is odd, but I'm curious LOL
  16. gigisiguenza

    Bond ultimate sweater machine

    I was in hobby lobby with a friend and came across a $200 bond knitting machine in the clearance section, for $8. It said it was missing the needle bed (comes with a hundred needle bed that is actually 2 50 needle beds that connect). So, being the queen of clearance, of course I bought it -...
  17. gigisiguenza

    Does anyone else weave?

    Am I the only other weaver in the building? I'm still using my diy winebox loom. What do you other fiber addicts use? :) Miss Maisy is worn out from stringing heddle sticks lol
  18. gigisiguenza

    I survived the madness LOL

    After weeks of insanity - moving, financial crisis, work issues, coverage during the holidays - I think I can safely call the hellish period over. I am really back to my normal schedule now, thank goodness, and have unpacked all the boxes so I can find thing finally LOL. Now to get some...
  19. gigisiguenza

    Happy Holidays my soapy friends!

    I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger, with the packing, moving, and covering for people at work, but I wanted to take a second while it's slow at work to wish you all a very blessed and happy holiday. My your gifts be heartfelt, your day be full of love and laughter, and your life be...
  20. gigisiguenza

    Moving and packing stink! I'm losing my mind lol...

    So, thanks to the financial crisis with the roommate, I'm moving in 4 days. If things go well and my cousin comes through, I'll be moving into a 1 bedroom that I can afford alone. If things don't go well, then everything I own goes into storage and I couch hop for the first time in decades...