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  1. soapswirl

    MP Gingerbread Men!

    I mostly do CP soap but like the occasional play with MP, here are my attempts at gingerbread men - much patience was needed to do the detailing but i quite like how they have turned out :)
  2. soapswirl

    Melt and pour attempt

    So i usually stick to making CP but i wanted to make a watermelon soap for my sister and read that the fragrance wouldn't stick in CP. So many new challenges with MP! First was getting used to the consistency - the black soap i tried to add for pips all sank to the bottom! Then when I unmoulded...
  3. soapswirl

    First step into business...

    I sent my recipes away for my safety assessment today! For those of you outside the EU, completion of this (alongside a whole host of other paperwork!) means that I will be able to begin to be able to sell my soaps! My plan for summer holidays now is to work on my branding, packaging, website...
  4. soapswirl

    Some new soaps

    Just wanted to share photos of a few soaps I've made recently! Black pepper and bergamot Lemon and mint Lemon verbena
  5. soapswirl

    Marbling Inspiration

    I've been looking at the art of marbling for soapy inspiration and have come across some really beautiful work! I spotted this one on pintrest (original by Kris Larsen) and tried to make a soap in its style. Clearly I haven't been able to pull off the intricacy of the detail that is in the...
  6. soapswirl

    A few recent soaps

    Hi everyone, As a new member I just wanted to share a few pictures of soaps I've made recently! All are scented with essential oils, the first: litsea and lime, then lemongrass and ginger, then the cut bars of soap are grapefruit.:smile:
  7. soapswirl

    Hello from the UK!

    Hi everyone, I've been making soap for about 6 months now and reading various blogs and websites, just stumbled upon this forum today so decided to sign up :) I'm finding soap making pretty addictive and constantly working on new designs! Looking forward to connecting with other soapers...