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    First attempt - Which oils should I use?

    The only thing I would add to all the great advice you've gotten, is to study various oils and butters properties, (fatty acid profiles). This will give you great insight in creating your own customized soaps. If anyone is able to post a link to a chart, that would be helpful for the OP. Happy...
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    Mixing colors

    I add a few stainless ball bearings to my TD/ distilled water mixture to aid in mixing. Like others, I don't take from my oils for colors since it's such a negligible amount.
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    Soaping From Room Temperature

    I usually soap at room temp. While lye water is cooling, I add my hard butters together, melt them, then add liquid oils, which bring down temp of heated hard butters.
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    Piping newbie

    Nicely done! You are a natural!
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    Hello, from the San Fernando Valley in CA

    Welcome! Happy Soaping!
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    Coconut oil still liquid SO calls our house the only igloo in AZ! I keep it COLD! I can only take so much off, but the others at home can put lots on :-) That is why my CO is always solid in my home. Not much can melt :-). I will weigh it out as i normally would. No stirring.
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    Coconut oil still liquid

    Thanks to you all have have taken the time to answer me. I am sorry I haven't responded sooner, but it's been a way crazy time. Knowing the CO is fine despite being melted on top is reassuring to me. They all were purchased and are now stored in the same cool spot. The one bottle that is not...
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    Coconut oil still liquid

    A while back, I got CO at Sams. All jars were fine, but one jar is still liquid. Actually, the bottom is solid, but top half is still liquid. Is this jar not destined for CP? I'm reluctant to use this jar in my soap. Why would all other jars resolidify, but this one won't? TIA for any input. As...
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    Experience of anorexic dog? Anyone?

    my thoughts and prayers are with you and Buster.
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    The word association game

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    Whether to fill silicone mold to the top or to leave some space

    Above advice all excellent! I, prefer to gel my soaps. I put them in an "igloo", which is a heavy duty plastic cooler. This way, I can gel my soaps, and not worry about them. I also spray the tops with 91% alcohol to help avoid ash. Welcome to the wonderful world of soap making! I personally am...
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    Some "lush"ious soaps

    Beautiful soap. Thanks for sharing. May I ask where your FO's are from? Your daughter did a beautiful job!
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    First ever cold process underway.

    Just as an aside, I noticed you're using evoo. Regular oo is just fine, and cheaper. Check Costco they sell it as well as CO, and other oils. Lucky dogs!! Happy soaping! Congrats!!
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    3 butter soap

    If it's not broken, don't fix it. If your sisters skin is that delicate, I'd stay with what works. That being said, I use triple butters a lot, and don't find it kills my lather, but my recipe may differ from yours. You can always try simple syrup in your lye water, or other bubble enhancers so...
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    Greetings from Spain

    Hola y bienvenidos!
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    Voting Issue January Challenge

    I entered, but didn't vote, as I never officially got my name on the entry roster.
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    Tips on piping soap-(no pun intended!)

    If you end up with more frosting than you need, you can just pipe out some flowers etc onto a silicone pad or freezer paper and save for another soap. If you're an advanced cake decorator, frosting a soap is not much different, so it'll be easy for you. Sadly, I have just a few simple...
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    SC Fragrance Oils

    I've purchased several from SC, and price aside, I wish there was more info (reviews) as to the behavior of the fragrances. The only info given is on their faq section in regard to soaping temp, and never to SB after FO is added. A question I have is how many manufacturers are there? If several...
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    SMF January Challenge Entry Thread - Black and White

    Well, this didn't come out as expected. My new bottle of OO was so green, which is the only reason I can think of that my soap didn't come out as crisp white as it has in the past with this recipe and FO. I used AC and TD as colorants. My FO was sweetpea from SC. The recipe was 8% castor, 18%...
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    I'd love to give this a go! I love black and white soaps. Just to clarify, only the black and white are allowed? No additional colors, right? Thanks newbie for your video!