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    I'm back! ;-)

    Ciao everyone! Maybe a few of you still remember me? I was active here a bit over 1.5 yrs ago, but after we moved to Italy, too much other stuff was going on and I stopped visiting (or even making soap etc. for that matter...). Now that I'd like to pick up my hobby again, I'm back and...
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    Quantity of FO for M&P?

    I know, I know, such a basic question!.. :oops: I usually only make single bars one at a time, so I know to use for ex. 1 Tbsp for an 5 oz bar... But now I have a few trays where 2 lbs of soap fit.. and honestly, I'm a bit lazy sitting here doing the math from my 5 oz bar to 2 lbs, so could...
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    Linen/room spray question

    After having had some empty linen spray bottles that I've filled up simply with water and a few drops of my fav FO, I now bought some Fragrance Oil modifier but don't really know how much of each I have to use. I bought 2 oz spray bottles and WSP gives a ratio as follows : 4 parts Modifier to 1...
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    Pumice? Betonite clay? Milk powder?

    Ok guys, I need your help again. I'm usually pretty good with just experimenting.. but this time I thought I better ask b4 ruining it all :lol: So, first my question re pumice. I know you can use it just a wee bit in soap as a 'gardener' or car working guy soap, but I also had one bar once...
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    Sorry, another whipped Shea question..

    Ok, my first # of Shea Butter came today and I'm really eager to try myself now on a small batch of whipped Shea *drum roll* :lol: Now, my question is this: I read in previous posts about ice baths.. But what are the very first steps I have to do? I take a bit of the Shea and what? Melt it...
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    Sticky M&P soap???

    What could be the reason for sticky soap? :? I've never encountered this problem before.. but now one of my return customers (she's more a friend who's taking some soaps off me, really lol) said that the only critique she would give me would be the stickyness factor.. :roll: Now, don't get...
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    My Hubby's latest work :D

    A few of you might remember that my Hubby's quite the 'wood freak' and has made several things for the family in the past. This now is his latest creation; a gift for my parents who recently moved back to Germany. In Germany it's custom to give a fresh loaf of bread and salt as a house...
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    Anyone else loving soy wax tarts?

    I've found another love of mine now! :lol: My house doesn't only smell great now in the bathroom with all the yummy soaps, but every where else where I have a tart burner going! :lol: Currently we're a la casa butterscotch, YUMMY!!! :D Just wonderin' if anyone else loves those simple...
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    Oatmeal baths?

    I've been making milk baths for my kids with plain milk powder and corn starch plus added fragrance, but was wondering if I could add some ground oatmeal to the mix and call it officially (for sale) an oatmeal bath??? Please somebody help me out as I have some moms of young infants who...
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    Paul!!! Thank you!!!

    (((Hugs))) I received your yummy butter (decadence indeed!) yesterday, together with the extra soap! Thank you sooo much!!! That was so sweet of you!!!:wink: OMG, I looove the smell of both! I have to stop myself from using the butter or from washing my hands every few minutes! :lol...
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Enjoy your turkey, stuffing and what not and most of all the surrounding of family and friends! :)
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    Where to get...

    ... stuff I need for body powders? Like arrowroot, betonite clay (?) etc. as well as the containers. I've found this site while google-ing; does anyone have any input on them? Also, if I were to make whipped Shea butter, where would I get it best (I...
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    Now finally again! I'm back!

    A few of you might probably say "Who on earth is she?" :lol: but the ones who know and remember me will be happy to see me again - or so I *hope* at least! *rofl* :lol: I'm doing ok.. still some stressful things going on, but I've come to terms with it and try to make the best out of it...
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    Sorry for having been MIA!!

    Hey guys, I wanted to apologize for having been MIA for such a long time! (Especially as a mod I know I didn't do my job! :oops: ) Things have been quite rough for us; starting with an unexpected financial tightness this month, followed by my van breaking down (we can't afford to fix it...
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    Making a pumpkin scented soap look pumkin-like?

    Ok, girls -and boys :wink: -, I need your quick help & expertise! I'm wanting to make a nice soap with my new 'Perfekt Pumpkin' scent, but I don't just want to make it 'plain' with opaque or clear M&P. I do have some orange/golden liquid soap coloring, but that's more of a brighter orange I'd...
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    Does anyone have a great coffee scent to recommend?

    Or possibly could spare 1 oz for me? :D (I'd pay for it, of course! :lol: ) I have a person who asked me if I'd make a coffee scented soap and even though I have made some for myself in the past with real ground coffee and cocoa and it did smell like coffee, I think it might be better if I'd...
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    Favorite place for M&P molds???

    Ok, I might not be able to get some molds right away.. but for the future; where do you all get your M&P soaps from? So far I know WSP sells some and I also got some from, but I'm still looking for a great site which doesn't kill with S&H fees!.. (I got on one site, loooved...
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    Let's get to know eachother a bit better ;-)

    C'mon, let's get to know eachother a little bit more/better! :D Are you up for sharing some things about you with the rest of us? Just copy & paste the following questions and fill them out accordingly. Part 1: The Basics 1. What is your first name? 2. Where and when were...
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    I'm curious! ;-)

    Since we're like a little family here, I was curious if you'd tell me how old you all are!? I'm 31 :wink:
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    Look what my Hubby made me today ;-)

    Since my stash of fragrances grows slow but steady and many bottles are different sizes etc., keeping them in several plastic containers was just a huge pain in the butt. So, my hubby, being the wonderful hobby guy with wood, built me a box today for all of my bottles! :wink: It's not 100%...