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    Edmund Scientific

    I know it's sounds funny, but this is the only place I could find the glass droppers I wanted for my eo's. I ordered some litmus paper super cheap too plus had a free shipping code can't beat that. They have lots of other stuff like goggles, aprons, beakers etc. They are pretty fast at shipping...
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    Does the board send out emails if you have the notify me when a reply is posted is checked? I have it checked in my profile and I never get any emails. Even checked the spam folder.
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    Soap Oil Co-op

    I'm doing a co-op on soaping oils and thought maybe a few might be interested on here. I need your orders by 4.4.08 and that's when I'll start sending out invoices. Palm Oil RBD $1.10 lb Palm Kernal Flakes $1.40 lb Rice Bran Oil $1.27 lb Coconut Oil 76 $1.26 lb Olive Oil Pomace $13.75...
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    Some Of My Soap

    Here's a few of my soaps/logs. The biggest log which is a light tan is vanilla delicious, I was so bummed I knew vanilla turns brown in soap, but it's now turning brown brown like a chocolate bar LOL. Lets see on top of that is manuka & lavender body wrap which is heaven, the short white log is...
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    Newbie Here

    Hello :) So glad to have found this forum. I've been soaping since march and so addicted to it, I can't get enough of it :) I've been making candles for over 6 years now and just love it. Used to do M & P, but I'm hooked on cp now :) I'm married (8 years in august), hubby and I are...