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    making your own silicone molds

    i stumbled onto this at a culinary website. it features 3 kinds of easy mix supplies for making your own food grade silicone molds that set up in about 4 hrs. i have some super detailed molds that i cant use for c/p. maybe if i pour them in wax, i...
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    incredible silicone molds!

    omg!!! they have the most gorgeous soap molds i've seen! the roses, dalias and sea shells are just awesome! a little spendy, but you would sure turn heads at a crafts fair, especially if they were made with high-end butters. monet
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    my new soap beveler/planer

    just ordered paul's new beveler/planer, but forgot to ask how long to wait before i use it. when the soap is still soft, or when it's hard? and what does everyone do with their little soap scraps? thanks, monet
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    using olive butter, almond butter

    i was thinking of using some olive butter along with the olive oil in a rtcp recipe. has anyone used this? how about almond butter? i love to tweak my recipes! monet
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    success!!! 1st batch rtcp

    i couldn't be more amazed and pleased than if i had invented electricity! good-bye old fashioned cold process!! i have sparkling white, fragrant soap! i would appreciate your thoughts and comments.... i used a bb 18 bar soap mold. i use 54 oz oils to make a bar 1.125" thick. with this...
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    my favorite lotion recipes #3

    i love the way body butters melt on contact with my skin, but it always felt too greasy, and i love how a cream glides on, but it stays more on the surface, not penetrating the skin. this is my version of the best of both worlds. tropical butter bliss "meltaway" makes 16 oz 6 oz...
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    leather fragrance oil...found it!

    can't find the thread for soaper looking for leather fragrance. has it. all their f/o's i've ordered have been excellent! useage .75-1 oz ppo. hope this finds you. (i've ordered some myself!) i'm going to blend it with a little lilac or ylang ylang monet...
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    easy release for sticking c/p soap molds!

    i found the most wonderful food-grade silicone spray that really works for c/p. i have a bunch of "fancy" individual soap molds that i have tried in the past to release by freezing, mineral oil, vasoline, pam spray with no avail. i usually had to use a fork to dig them out. anyway this stuff...
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    mr soapmakerman....

    i couldnt stand it, i'm playing with soap calc. have a bunch of hard butters i need to use. no more freezer space! plz tell me what you think: 30% olive 28% coconut 21% palm kernel 7% cocobutter 7% mango 7% castor 1 oz shea oil at trace 33% lye souoution. hardness-48...
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    thank you soapmaker man!

    i know i and many others need to take a time-out and thank you for all the patience, encouragement, mentoring and kindness you have shown to all of us. i began my soapmaking journey in the early '90's with c. faillor and s.m. cavitch as my only guides. until i came to this forum (and a few...
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    considering setting up a virtual estore through them, where it automatically does credit cards, paypal,etc. has anyone used this site? any suggestions? it has to be dummy-proof! (for me) and pretty easy for customers. your thoughts are appreciated. monet
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    salt bar questions...please!

    i have a receipe for a 6 pound slab mold that i would like to add fine-grade dead sea salt. researching this i found that this is beneficial for skin problems like non-specific dermititus...exzema and psoriasis. how much salt should i add? how much soap do i not make? like if i add 1...
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    coconut milk for c/p?

    i have a can of coconut milk in my cupboard that i never made into curry sauce for dinner. has anyone used this before? is there any benefit, increased lather, etc? i assume that you would treat it like anyother milk for lye processing. i was thinking 50% chilled aloe juice and 50% coconut...
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    easy-release spray for plastic molds!

    a c/p soaper gave me this website for food-grade silicone spray. she said she uses this on flexible tray molds and individual molds. soaps release easily in a day or two. she uses molds that have some "give" to them. she didn't know if this would work with m/p soap or hard/rigid molds. just...
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    my favorite lotion receipes #2

    this is a creamier, thicker lotion-rich, but not greasy. as long as you stay within the framework of the receipe you'll have have great results. for anyone wanting a thicker cream-style for putting in jars, add 16-24 grams of steric acid. try making a 1/4 batch using 4 grms. after it has...
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    lining soap trays with silicone

    i have a bunch of birchwood soap molds that i am tired of lining with paper. i thought that i would try cutting out pieces of silicone cookie sheets and line my molds with it using silicone caulking/glue. has anyone tried this yet? do i sound crazy or do you think this would work? monet
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    cream soap receipes from scratch

    i lost track of the soaper asking if there were any cream or soft whipped soap receipes from scratch. this is the kind you put in jars and is soft and creamy.. i have a booklet by catherine failor, making cream soap--copyright 2001. got it at in it it has 5 receipes that...
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    would someone like to share lotion bar receipe?

    i live in the south where things are hot, humid and sticky. i'd like to put this in a tube because i travel a lot. i've tried a couple, but i usually end up too oily, but my skin is so rough and dry in places. thanks a bunch, monet
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    my favorite lotion receipes #1

    this is a wonderful light, non-greasy jelly-like lotion. if you stay within the framework of the receipe you will get consistantly great results time after time. makes approx 32 oz 60 grms: virgin coconut oil, mango butter, shea butter or cocobutter 32 grms: emulsifying wax 1 tsp...
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    c/p's looking for a strong lemon?

    i've been using this for years. strong heavenly lemon-essence with staying power. litsea cubeba-may chang--source china. it's cheap-$17-24 per pound. and its an essestial oil. i use 1 oz ppo. i have some that's over a year oldand it still smells as strong as the day i made it. camden...