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    Too much water in Rebatch

    Thank you, guys. I appreciate the advice!
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    Too much water in Rebatch

    Here's the soap. It seems like you can still see grated soap in it, although I'd have sworn it was melted through. The two whiter ones were done separately with MUCH less water, seem ok but still a bit soft. Efficacious Gentleman, I looked at a ton of websites and the amounts seemed so...
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    here's a picture of the soap that won't set.
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    Too much water in Rebatch

    I’ll try to post a picture when I get home. The soap is in a silicone mold that makes “standard “ size rectangular bars. I was trying to take newly made (sort of) soap that was cut in rough hunks and make it into bars. Eventually may start adding medicinal herbs, essential oil. The only other...
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    Too much water in Rebatch

    Hi. I'm very new to soapmaking. I tried to mill a batch of cold-process soap that I made about 4 months ago. I think I added way too much water to the grated soap--1/2C to 8 oz. grated soap. It's been 3 days and the soap still looks like jello in the mold. Can I salvage this?