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    Clays in lotion bar

    Are you trying to stick to "natural" colorants? If so, I would suggest using something besides clay. You can infuse your oils with certain herbs, things like that. Or use oxides (oxides are used to color mica, but you won't see the sparkle of mica in an opaque product such as lotion). However...
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    Uncommon Saponified Oils

    Here's a page detailing lots of single oil soaps, and grapeseed oil and rice bran oil soaps are both there. Rice bran oil makes a great soap, and grapeseed oil makes a terrible soap, apparently.
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    Uncommon Saponified Oils

    As far as I know, acne is not an allergic reaction. Allergies can make it worse, and I have heard of food allergies exacerbating existing acne, but it isn't caused by something coming into contact with the skin. There are conditions that resemble acne, and one of those might be what you have...
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    How to substitute triethanolamine in a syndet bar recipe?

    25% triethanolamine doesn't sound right. Maybe someone misread 2.5%. Also, in that video, the way they show checking the pH is not right. A 10% solution should be made with distilled or deionized water, and the pH of the solution checked. Just putting a strip of pH testing paper against a wet...
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    Panty hose for what exactly?

    Same. I never did like them and I was glad when they went out of style. I hope they never make a comeback. 😆
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    When your husband follows the market...

    Apparently stearic acid is another. I went to order more since I've decided to use it for candle wax blending experiments, and WSP is selling a little 2oz baggie for $2.23. The last time I bought it there, was March 19 and it was $3.11 for one pound. MakeYourOwn.Buzz doesn't have any in stock at...
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    Uncommon Saponified Oils

    Normally "pimples" means acne to most people. Do you mean acne, or are you referring to hives? And what exactly do you mean by "coconut based", because that can refer to either a true soap made with coconut oil, or surfactants (i.e. synthetic detergents) which are mostly made out of coconut...
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    Uncommon Saponified Oils

    Sounds to me like you definitely need to see a dermatologist. You mentioned an allergy to shea butter, but it isn't even technically possible to be allergic to that (sensitive to, yes, but not a true allergy). Based on that fact, I think you have something else going on and a dermatologist will...
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    Post your Gripe

    Today's gripe is that my appointment has been postponed again, this time because the doctor hasn't received the data from the Holter monitor yet. I have had so many postponed appointments. And I can't go back to work until I have this appointment and the doctor decides that I can go back.
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    Curious about syndet recipe I found + free resource library

    I can't find 70/30 anywhere, I can only find 30/70 from my usual suppliers (MakeYourOwn.Buzz and LotionCrafter) and 50/50 on Amazon. I figured if I started out at 50/50, I would have a lot of wiggle room to adjust both ways. Plus, it's a lot hotter here than where you live, and if you're having...
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    Batch of soap that riced

    I've noticed that a lot of vendors will say their fragrances behaved well, but the reviews say otherwise. I always believe the customer reviews before I believe the vendor. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes a fragrance will rice or accelerate only with certain kinds of oils, so it...
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    Curious about syndet recipe I found + free resource library

    I don't trust Lush. Yes, their shampoo bars (at least some of them) are based on SLS, and the pH of some of their shampoo formulas is waaaaay too high for hair. Their formulators just don't know what they're doing sometimes. And while I'm at it, what is holding the SLS noodles together? The only...
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    Curious about syndet recipe I found + free resource library

    I went back and looked at my notes, and it looks like I used to use it in both. I didn't notice any difference with it in so I don't use it anymore in rinse-off products. It never really incorporated into my conditioner bars anyway, so that may have been the main reason I don't use it in...
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    Curious about syndet recipe I found + free resource library

    Formulator Sample Shop has one: Silk Hydrolysate OS I haven't used it myself, I have only the water soluble kind. I know you can get powders too, but I think those are meant to dissolve into water as well. I don't know what would happen if you tried to mix powdered silk protein into oil.
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    Curious about syndet recipe I found + free resource library

    Yes, that's the one. She used cocoa butter for the hardener. I still haven't made one that way, but I will. I am also going to try her conditioner bar, as written. I have all the ingredients for it, except cetearyl alcohol, but I have cetyl and stearyl alcohol so I'm going to mix them 50/50 and...
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    WSP Fragrance Sale 25% off

    They are running the same sale this week. 25% off all fragrances. Ends May 6.
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    FO Winners & Losers

    So, I did get some of this. I made a wax tart with it to test the scent. I wouldn't say it smells exactly like the resin, but it is similar. It is definitely an incense scent. My husband likes it, so that's something. He can be picky sometimes. I like it when he likes the same scents I do.
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    Curious about syndet recipe I found + free resource library

    I used this bar to wash my hair. It did have better lather. However, the noodles kept falling out and I could feel loose noodles in my hair. This was the first experimental bar I made with the noodles instead of powder, and I think maybe I did not melt it enough. The one bar I made where the...
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    SLSA vs SCI

    What I would do, if you don't already have some, buy a small amount of SCI and experiment. Wherever you've been getting your SLSa, should also have SCI. Important: you'll want the powder, not the noodles, since for this application the noodles aren't ideal (they don't dissolve in water easily...
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    Curious about syndet recipe I found + free resource library

    Oh, it isn't related to soap or shampoo at all. I have a bag of horticultural charcoal chunks (Mosser Lee 2.25 Qt. Dry Horticultural Organic Charcoal-0810 - The Home Depot) that I grind to a powder, because I needed charcoal powder that is specifically not activated because activated charcoal...