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  1. Cutting Box.jpg

    Cutting Box.jpg

  2. Homemade accessories

    Homemade accessories

    The various woodworking and other accessories I've made to help my soaping projects.
  3. Beveler.jpg


    A basic beveler, does traditional straight cuts as well as rounded shoulders.
  4. Tara_H


    If you're not opposed to using Amazon, there's some basic ones available on I wrote a fairly detailed review in this thread: good wire cutter in the UK - recommendations? Ultimately I haven't been thrilled with the quality available either, and I made my own soap cutting box -...
  5. Tara_H

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    In soapy news, I've finished my cross cut sled for the table saw! (Bear with me...) Now that I can get much more accurate cuts, I'm all set up to make my own custom soap moulds! (See? 😁 ) But first I practiced with a simple little project and made myself a beveler to my preferred spec...
  6. Tara_H

    Best place to purchase ..

    Check out the shopping recommendations section of the forum, there's some useful info in there, especially for the US.
  7. Tara_H

    Lowest superfat?

    I'm really curious to hear more opinions on this, since the most recent reading I've been doing (of course I don't have links to hand) lead me to believe that the most important factor in the quality of the soap in terms of gentleness etc, is the profile of the oils used. Then the superfat is...
  8. Tara_H

    The 4-letter game

    Handle a taco sensitively 🌮 TACO
  9. Tara_H

    The thought of doing a vendor event is freaking me out

    Sounds like you're well positioned for a first attempt! I'd say dive in and give it a try, you'll figure out over time what works for you rather than trying to have everything perfect up front.
  10. Tara_H

    The word association game

  11. Tara_H

    Colorants, molds and succulents

    My favourites are the ones at the back with the cacti standing on top of the soap - so cute! And very realistic!
  12. Tara_H

    The word association game

  13. Tara_H

    The 4-letter game

    Grams, don't be forgetting! GRAM
  14. Tara_H

    Recipe to soft for molds?

    You didn't mention the rose petals in the other thread as far as I saw but I would hazard a guess that they might be involved. Most plant material will go brown after contact with lye. Although that doesn't particularly explain the pink edges.
  15. Tara_H

    Crying over cracked soap

    What did you colour it with? The impression I get is that whatever it is, it's not heat safe, so when the soap gelled, the colour morphed. Except for the edges where it was presumably a bit cooler.
  16. Tara_H

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    Attempt 3 doing CPOP... I have a nasty suspicion that it was too thin again though 🤨 I used the narrower jug to pour from, but it was only partly floating on top of the previous colours, and partly going down the side, so I think there will still be more mingling than my design calls for. I...
  17. Tara_H

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    I was theorising the same thing, I'm planning on trying a different pot for my next pour (hopefully this evening) to see if it holds out. To be clear, not precisely the volume of the pot, but the diameter, is what I think has this effect. Oh and my ice cube is quite pretty, thanks for asking...
  18. Tara_H

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    Wow, it looks like wings with feathers! Beautiful!
  19. Tara_H

    Quick question, well and septic tank

    Yep! It makes my skin crawl. We stayed at my MILs house one time and she had some kind of microfibre sheets :eek: I spent the whole night trying to avoid touching them with the palms of my hands or the soles of my feet... Not very restful!
  20. Tara_H

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    Fine, this may be a Goldilocks thing... First pour was too thin, today's pour I'm pretty sure was far too thick. Guess I need to try again tomorrow for juuuuust right!