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  1. KiwiMoose

    Lowest superfat?

    Yes - when I make ZNSC it has 0 superfat. Plus the salt water.
  2. KiwiMoose

    Lowest superfat?

    Do you mean it will never be used at all? Then I'd consider 0 to 1% depending on the purity of your lye.
  3. KiwiMoose

    What’s with the halo?

    it's attracted to the weed :-D
  4. KiwiMoose

    CBD Soap?

    I'm telling on you!! 🥴 N.B I voted yes in the referendum and I hate the stuff personally (for recreational use that is).
  5. KiwiMoose

    Best place to purchase ..

    I always buy mine from our 'home depot' or 'Lowes' equivalent. Buying it online is no cheaper for me because I have to pay for hazardous goods shipping.
  6. KiwiMoose

    :( brown spots on soap and Q about SF

    Spots: I'm only guessing here, but I suspect it's just the vanillin breaking though the TD in places where it may not have been blended through.
  7. KiwiMoose

    Distilled water shortage??

    In the UK, when you are out at a restaurant, there are three types of water: Still, Sparkling or Tap. You have to specifically specify 'tap' water if that's what you want otherwise they will serve (and charge you) for 'still' water from a bottle. In NZ, it is most common for (tap) water to be...
  8. KiwiMoose

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    Question - am I allowed to post pictures elsewhere on social media? Or is that not allowed until after the challenge has closed?
  9. KiwiMoose

    Failed Turquoise (which I then rebranded to cobble stone) Soap

    Beautiful Anstarx. I've just used that fragrance too - isn't it lovely?
  10. KiwiMoose

    My First Recipe!!

    looking fab in those goggles! :-)
  11. KiwiMoose

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    SO now I have two OPW soaps and I don't know which one to enter..... All my friends/family are completely divided on the subject. What to do?
  12. KiwiMoose

    Distilled water shortage??

    Yes I get it from Countdown. New World doesn't stock it. Luckily for me though - when I met Roger he had a 10 litre bottle he had bought for the great apocalypse that he didn't realise was distilled (not recommended as a drinking water), so I am working my way through that lot. It's taking me...
  13. KiwiMoose

    Hanger swirls

    Where are @Dawni and @Zing ? They would have a field day with this!
  14. KiwiMoose

    Feedback on my first facial soap recipe...

    I don't use a facial soap, never have. Nor have I ever done that cleansing and toning regime that they try to sell you at every beauty counter for $$$$. I've only ever done as you described earlier @FragranceGuy, wash my face once a day in the shower with my usual bar of soap. SO that means...
  15. KiwiMoose

    Recipe to soft for molds?

    I have had soap discolour in the centre like that on a few occasions, with that same ‘rim’ effect. The centre eventually cures out to be the same colour as the outer edge. It often happens when I use coconut cream in the soap.
  16. KiwiMoose

    Turmeric Soap Lost Color?

    Keep us posted on how well the colour holds.
  17. KiwiMoose

    Extra stages in cold process soap

    Don't use aluminium with a lye based soap - it can react.
  18. KiwiMoose

    SMF May 2021 Challenge - One Pot Wonder

    So I've just finished my second attempt, and this time I used a T & S mold. Not so successful with this pour because it thickened up a lot more nearer the end (once they were all in the big pot together) so there was a bit of shaking to get it out of the pot. I think it will look nice though -...
  19. KiwiMoose

    Suggestions Please!!!

    I wouldn't use a third of castor oil - it's too soft and will make your bar sticky. And as Impkit has said, too much CO will make it too cleansing ( and thus drying). If you are wedded to just these three ingredients then go with 25% CO maximum, 10% Castor Maximum ( usually 5% is sufficient)...
  20. KiwiMoose

    Turmeric Soap Lost Color?

    I've used turmeric to colour soap before - it was bright orangey-yellow when pouring, then after setting and unmolding it was a dull pinkish-yellow. After about 5 weeks it was just a dark creamy colour.