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  1. TVivian

    Things to do in New York!

    Hi all, I'm headed to New York today for a week. I'm taking my daughter for her 16th birthday and my 40th (eek) both in October. I thought I'd ask some east coasters about off the beaten path stuff to do. We're staying in mid town and I have been before, but this is my daughters first time and...
  2. TVivian

    Pink grapefruit soap

    I don't really know what I was trying to do here, but I like how it turned out! Scented with WSP pink grapefruit FO
  3. TVivian

    "Bay Rum"

    Soo... I've never smelled Bay Rum and mostly because I've seen the scent described as "Old Spice" which I cannot stand. So I've avoided buying any. I made some beard oil recently and gave it to a friend to try. He loves it and asked me to try and duplicate the scent of his old beard oil. The...
  4. TVivian

    The angry soap brothers soap.

    The best part of soapmaking is the cutting.. Especially when you find the faces of twin brothers who seem to be in the middle of a heated argument hee hee.. I can almost hear them saying "are you talkin to me?!" ... "Why I outta slug ya.."
  5. TVivian

    Tried to make the "fishnet" polka dot soap.

    Ever since I saw the "fishnet" soap in Newbies soap pictures thread I've wanted to try my hand at making it.. This is what I got: The bars are SO soft that I couldn't plane it how I wanted (but I was anxious to see one!) the bars in the back are before planing. I'll give them another day or...
  6. TVivian

    Ugh parenthood!

    It's 2 weeks into the school year and my son got in trouble already! His 3rd grade class had a substitute teacher and he decided to get the class all riled up.. He started a dance party and was break dancing on the classroom floor while the other kids cheered him on. Today his teacher had to...
  7. TVivian

    Same products, different supplier:

    For anyone who is a fan of these two fragrances: Brambleberry "lemon cake" and Brambleberry "red apple" .. Natures garden has "lemon squares" and "red delicious apple" and they are the same. I don't mean sorta the same, I mean EXACTLY the same. The even cure out and discolor the same. The price...
  8. TVivian

    Circling Taiwan swirl.. I had to try.

    Ok ok.. So the Soap**** addicts are probably tired of seeing this one everywhere haha.. But I had to give it a try and I can't lie... It was fun! Now that I look at it, I probably should have circled a few more times.
  9. TVivian

    What do we think about this?

    I drive through this town in California every time I head up north on vacation. There is a lovely looking soap shop where the owner makes CP soap and other products in the back. The workshop is open and you can clearly see bottles of pomace OO and Crafters choice products. She makes a lot of...
  10. TVivian

    I was featured on Brambleberry's Instagram!!

    Guys!!!! I'm so excited! Every week on Instagram, Brambleberry picks a winner for their #soapshare and this week mine was picked! I just about fell over!
  11. TVivian

    Vanillin in bath Bombs?

    For those who make bath bombs, do you notice vanilla scents discoloring in bombs the same way they do in soaps and lotion? I'm pretty new to bath bombs.
  12. TVivian

    A few new summer soaps!

    Scented with watermelon of course! The next 2 soaps are each scented with a random mix of fragrance samples I've received from BB and WSP. I had so many that I was able to group them into categories, the first one is a mix of fruit scents, the next is a mix of floral-ish scents. Both turned...
  13. TVivian

    Is CP soap (soapy water) safe for plants?

    This is a very weird question so bear with me.. I live in Southern California and because we're in a severe drought, my city has started restricting water usage. We're only allowed to water our yards three times a week and only during certain days and hours. Because of this my yard has suffered...
  14. TVivian

    Moroccan Mint gift soaps.

    I offered to donate soap favor/gifts for a Mother's Day tea outreach my church is holding. The guests are women from a local shelter. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try my hand at making Handmade in Florida's "Moroccan mint". Here's how they turned out!
  15. TVivian

    Fatty acids, soap qualities, pictorial oil chart.

    I was making another YouTube video, trying to explain fatty acids, soap qualities in basic Soapmaking oils and formulating your own recipes (it's really harder to explain out loud than I realized ) for new soapers. At the end I had what looked like an oil chart so I thought I'd post it up. I...
  16. TVivian

    Bragging about my kid..

    Here is my sweet little boy all ready for the fairy tale ball at his school today... I stayed up late making his costume and I'm just so in love with him in it! I want him to wear it every day haha.. He turns 6 on Friday. I just had to be a bragging mom for a minute!
  17. TVivian

    Blackberry sage swirl!!!!!

    I cut into this loaf and did little a happy dance just now!!! It's scented with BB's Blackberry Sage which I ordered because I loved Grumpy Owls Salt bar scent so much!
  18. TVivian

    My first YouTube video!

    I made my first YouTube video today! Wanted to do a "chunky" ITP swirl so I thought.. Why not do a video? I'll post a picture of the finished soap tomorrow. It was fun learning how to upload to YouTube (my daughter helped) let me know what you think!
  19. TVivian

    Epic overheat!

    This has to be my all time most impressive overheat and crack ever! Luckily this is the bottom of the soap.
  20. TVivian

    My quest for coconut:

    I've tried a few and not one has been just right, then while in Hawaii this month I found a lotion with an exquisite coconut fragrance and it got me fired up to find one for myself. I ordered these, I'm waiting for 1 or 2 more to be delivered. I'm going to try them in both soap and lotion. I'll...