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  1. traderbren

    Liquid soap, glycerin method, huge fail at start

    I got all suited up, measured everything, had my room temp glycerin in a pot, added my KOH, turned the heat on, stirred, and kept stirring. My solution went from semi-liquid to crunchy, and then it started burning. So I guess I got it too hot. What is the best way to dispose of this? Dig a...
  2. traderbren

    Rebatching shaving soap

    Forgive me if it's obvious. I'm only on my first cup of coffee and was up late with a sick child last night. I have a few small pucks of shaving soap from 2 or 3 months ago. If I wanted to rebatch them to add bentonite and hopefully alter the fragrance a bit, is the process for rebatching still...
  3. traderbren

    Wine Soap Questions

    I did a search, and went back quite a few months and wasn't able to find an answer to all my questions. My aunt stops by often, and usually brings a bottle of wine. She never drinks it all, and I'm quite the lush but don't like wine. I want to make a soap with it. It is white wine, mostly...
  4. traderbren

    Hand cream/ salve help

    I've made lotions, lotion bars, body butters, but haven't quite found anything I like for my dry hands, especially in winter. I searched here and google as well, but maybe I'm not including the right terms. I LOVE Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula the most since its thick and absorbs quickly and...
  5. traderbren

    High Lard batch with semi-successful swirls!

    I finally achieved a degree of swirling I am happy with. I unmolded a batch of 75 lard/20 CO/5 castor scented with NG's Deadly Weapon (yummy!) this morning after my run. The top is not as pretty as I like since my husband wanted to try to get deeper swirls through part of it, after I made it all...
  6. traderbren

    Face Soap - any red flags on my recipe?

    Up until very recently, my husband was the one tinkering with soapmaking. I just started, and my first batch on my own was a salt bar. I'm looking to try out a face soap for myself. I read tons of threads, looked at bunches of other recipes, and decided to try to make a batch with OO, lard, CO...