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  1. Saponista

    July Mythological Creatures Entry Thread

    Please post your entries below. If you would like to congratulate or discuss the entries then please do this on the original challenge thread to keep this one tidy. Can’t wait to see them!
  2. Saponista

    Vegetable Growing

    We just moved to a new house which was really stressful but it’s an old farmhouse in the countryside and I get to have a big vegetable patch now. I have cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, climbing beans, peas, squash, courgette, cabbage, kale, kohl rabi and beetroot going so far. Does anyone else...
  3. Saponista

    July Soapmaking Forum Challenge - Mythological Creatures

    PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST (and ALL Rules)- General Rules: 1. The only members eligible to vote are those with their names on the sign up list - regardless of whether or not you have submitted an entry. 2. This month’s voting will be password locked. Passwords will be PM'ed to...
  4. Saponista

    SMF November Challenge Entry Thread

    Please post your entry photos in this thread with information about your inspiration behind your design. Please keep nice comments and anything you want to say about the entries on the original challenge thread. This is for entries only. Thanks for taking part! Claire (Saponista)
  5. Saponista

    Secret Santa - Europe

    I am running a secret Santa for handmade soaps/cosmetics over in a European soapmaking Facebook group. I know we don’t have that many Europeans on here so I struggle to get enough people wanting to do soap swaps so if you would like to join in and are in Europe then send me a PM and I will give...
  6. Saponista

    November Soap Challenge

    I am hoping we might get some melt and pour entries for this challenge as it is open to both cold process and melt and pour makers this month. Please feel free to sign up if you would like to participate :)
  7. Saponista

    November 2017 - 1920's Theme Challenge

    Just to let you know that my example soap and video are coming, but due to my digital ineptitude I can't get it to work. My hubby is away working this week so I will upload it when he is home to help me. Sorry guys! You don't really need my example anyway as your soap design is your own choice...
  8. Saponista

    Soap Tracing Too Fast

    I have made hundreds and hundreds of bars of soap using my same recipe and never had a problem with it tracing way too quickly, but this month it has been a nightmare. My recipe is just Palm, olive, sunflower and coconut oil. I thought at first it was the olive oil as I had changed supplier, but...
  9. Saponista

    Peacock Swirl Entry Thread

    Please just use this thread for your entries. Any comments should go in the original challenge thread.
  10. Saponista

    SMF June Challenge Peacock Swirls

    Welcome to July’s SMF Soap Challenge! PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THIS FIRST (and ALL Rules)- General Rules: 1.The only members eligible to vote are those with their names on the sign up list - regardless of whether or not you have submitted an entry. 2. This months voting will be password locked...
  11. Saponista

    Bubble Bars

    Most of the recipes found online don't include chelators in the recipe. I'm wondering if mine would benefit from the addition of some EDTA or sodium citrate? It's a bit grainy so may make the texture of the bars a little gritty, but I might give it a try. Has anyone else tried this, was it...
  12. Saponista

    Powdered water soluble colourants

    I have just had some powdered colourants arrive. People say that they should be 'bloomed' in water first to avoid speckled bombs and bubble bars. I was wondering if anyone had a tried and tested technique to share please?
  13. Saponista

    Some of my latest soaps

    I've been a bit quiet lately as life has been a bit tough recently, but I feel like things might be improving a little bit now and I have been making some soap again. Here are my latest bars - Rose velvet and precious oud scented Cranberry and pomegranate scented
  14. Saponista

    November Challenge Entry Thread

    Please use this thread to submit your challenge entries for this month. This thread is for entries only, so please keep any compliments and comments on the original challenge thread. You must enter an image of your challenge soap and your colour palette. I look forward to seeing them...
  15. Saponista

    SMF November 2016 Soap Challenge - Creative Colour Challenge

    Welcome to this month’s soap challenge. I am going to try something a little different this month. I always struggle with choosing colour when trying to make my soaps, I always tend to copy other people’s colour schemes or use palettes from places like design seeds. However there are many tools...
  16. Saponista

    Halloween Soap

    A sneak peak at the soap I made for November's challenge which I will put up in a couple of days. Do t worry it doesn't give away what the challenge will be! I'm sorry I have been absent from the forum lately, my dad was seriously ill, then I was forced to move house because of our neighbours...
  17. Saponista

    June Challenge Entry Thread

    Please post ONLY your entries on this thread. Any other comments/compliments or discussion should be left on the original challenge thread. Thank you for participating - Saponista X
  18. Saponista

    Sculpted Layers Soap Challenge - City Skylines

    This month the soap challenge club theme was sculpted layers. It was really hard work and I've been tight for time this month so it nearly killed me to get it done. Here is my entry in the end though, it's meant to look like a city skyline.
  19. Saponista

    Soap Swap Goodies

    I just took part in a European soap swap and my box of goodies arrived today! So excited to try them all out. Thought you guys would share in my excitement because no one else understands the joy of a good soap swap!
  20. Saponista

    What is everyone up to today?

    I am with my stall at a Christian festival today. I'm not religious myself, but I'm really enjoying the music and have a wonderful view of the sea. The weather is beautiful too. What more could I ask for?