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    For how long is an active ingredient active?

    I have a question, and no amount of Googling has brought me any closer to an answer, so I'm hoping some of the brilliant minds here might have an answer. For how long are active ingredients in a product that gets applied to the skin active, after being applied? I'm guessing it depends on the...
  2. navigator9

    Alligators in ice!

    I couldn't help another nature related post when I saw this on the news today. You may have heard about frozen iguanas falling out of the trees in Florida, well here are some alligators in ice. Now, I feel bad for complaining about the cold.
  3. navigator9

    The eagles are back!

    For any of you, like me, who follow the DC eagle cam......they're baaaack! Knowing that they're back and making preparations for their next eagle babies, makes me feel like Spring may be just around the corner. Anyway, here's a pic I captured of mom or dad this foggy morning...
  4. navigator9

    Well, this has me stumped...lotion bars

    I made some lotion bars yesterday, using beeswax, cocoa butter and avocado oil. The oils were completely melted, clear, no bits of cocoa butter or beeswax remaining. When they cooled, this is what the tops look like. It's hard to get the camera to pick them up, they're easier to see in person...
  5. navigator9

    Instant Chai Latte mix questions

    A couple of questions here. Let me start by saying that I love a warm mug of chai latte, especially in the cold winter months. Cocoa is usually too sweet for me, but a spicy, warm chai latte is juuust right. I know it's not the best, but I love the convenience of the instant chai latte powders...
  6. navigator9

    Helpful website for text

    I wasn't sure where to post this, maybe labels and packaging or other crafts, so I ended up here, admins feel free to move this if you think it should be elsewhere. For those of you who may be designing labels for your products, or maybe you're printing your own Christmas cards, or gift tags, I...
  7. navigator9

    Using Cricut to make soap molds?!

    Having recently gotten a Cricut, I've been experimenting like crazy, mostly with holiday related things like this winter village. So I was quite surprised this morning to see a Youtube video titled, "Soap molds with Cricut". I'm guessing it's melt and pour, although it doesn't look it to me, but...
  8. navigator9

    Am I crazy to think this could be a soap mold?

    OK, so we all know that soapmakers see molds wherever we look, but this may be pushing it a little. I have a Cricut cutting machine. It's a newer one. I bought a cartridge for it on Etsy, an older cartridge from when they had a little keyboard on them. The cartridge came with a silicone overlay...
  9. navigator9

    If you need a good laugh...

    If you're like me, and have pets, I'm sure it has crossed your mind a time or two that it would be nice to have something like a Roomba to take care of all the darn cat/dog hair. I can't tell you how many times I've had guests over and had a furball roll out embarrassingly from under some...
  10. navigator9

    Stinky dog dilemma

    Remember the sweet little guy I adopted last December? Well, he continues to be the best dog ever. But...there's this one thing that has me scratching my head. I have a screened porch and he and the cat often spend time out there. He loves to bark at the squirrels and anything else that makes...
  11. navigator9

    Olive cleansing oil face wash

    So with the recent thread about frizzy hair, and DeeAnna's recipe for conditioner, I ended up visiting Lotioncrafter to get my ingredients. While there, I checked out the formulary section and was happy to find something that sparked my interest...olive cleansing oil. Years ago, I started...
  12. navigator9

    Can you see it???

    It's a pepper!!!!!!!!!!! I can't compete with Irish Lass' garden tower but to my defense, it's been a very cool and rainy spring here, so the garden is coming along slooooowly, but today it's in the 90s and I went out to water the garden and what did I find? A pepper! I can't tell you how...
  13. navigator9

    Question for computer savvy peeps

    Just had something very scary happen. I googled "Soap is Beautiful", an old blog that had some gorgeous soap pics. Two links came up that looked like they linked to the blog. The first one had a message that what I was looking for didn't exist any more. Ever hopeful, I clicked on the second one...
  14. navigator9

    Have you seen this hair dryer technique?!

    This soaper has some very interesting ideas. But when I imagined myself trying this one, all I could think of was soap alllllllll over my kitchen. lol
  15. navigator9

    Baby eagle rescue

    I don't know if any of you watch the live Washington DC eagle cam regularly, but if you don't you missed an exciting event a few days ago. One of the eaglets got his leg stuck between two branches at the edge of the nest, and was unable to free itself. After watching, and determining that it...
  16. navigator9

    Lego mold for soap

    I know we've seen lots of innovative items used as molds here, but Legos?! Only a soapmaker could look at Legos and imagine gingham soap. :)
  17. navigator9

    Lard and avo soap

    So here's a pic of my lard, olive, coconut, avocado, castor soap with buttermilk and oatmeal. I always cheat and test a sliver as soon as I unmold...I just can't wait any longer than that! And if that's any predictor of what this soap will be like, I'm already loving it. Sooo creamy. These are...
  18. navigator9

    I miss soap blogs!

    I have dozens and dozens of soap blogs bookmarked, and from before I even made soap, I loved scrolling through them, reading the thoughts of the soapmakers and enjoying the pictures of what they'd made, being inspired, thinking that one day maybe I could do that. And after I began making soap...
  19. navigator9

    Hatchling #1!

    The first eaglet hatched this morning, but I wasn't able to get a good screen shot, no matter how hard I tried, so here's a video, and also one of my favorite screen shots from last year. These guys are so much fun to watch! © 2017 American Eagle Foundation, DCEAGLECAM.ORG...
  20. navigator9

    Once a month cooking, anyone?

    Since I knew I was going to be snowed in yesterday, I prepared when I went shopping, and decided to do some cooking and freezing. I've done this before, and I wonder why I don't do it more often. I spent the entire day cooking and freezing individual portions of meals to last me a month. The...