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  1. TelAvivSoapCompany

    help. why is this happening?

    would appreciate some advice on this. so I used only soy wax . fragrance at 10% (pure lavender essential oil -not 40/42) color is pink and white. blended fragrance at 165F . what do you think the problems is? why would the white stuff float around the edges? what actually is it and why is it...
  2. TelAvivSoapCompany

    hi everybody. new here. wanted to say hi

    Hi all. Refael here :-) just joined as I am planning to open my own line of natural soaps a few words about myself. I had a guest house in Tel Aviv before the corona time, and now it is time for something new. basicly I have a hobbie with natural herbs, which led me to make herbal teas, and...