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  1. Arthur Dent

    How long, O Lord? How long?

    I sometimes pick a bar and cut off a sliver to try after 2 or 3 weeks, that helps reduce the stress of waiting. Just remember that however it seems at this point it will get better given a proper cure.
  2. Arthur Dent

    Oil storage

    If I am soaping frequently I refrigerate my oils, if I am taking a break for a few months they all go in the freezer. Works for me.
  3. Arthur Dent

    The Complete Soapmaker 19th Century Soap

    Thanks for posting that link IL, pretty sure I used to have that book. It might be the book that I made my first (failed) batch from many moons ago.
  4. Arthur Dent

    Total Beginner But Very Interested and Ready to Start

    That much coconut oil would have me scratching my skin off. But you might love it. Good luck.
  5. Arthur Dent

    Lard, Tallow, and GV shortening

    That's odd. I tried a batch with the GV animal fat combination and really liked it. I used one of the recipes suggested by Susie, it's my new favorite.
  6. Arthur Dent

    Need help scaling my cornbread recipe up

    While the skillet in the photo is a #8 skillet, it is called a 10" skillet. The actual inside diameter is 10.25" at the top, tapering down to 8.75" at the bottom. The height of the walls is 2" measured on the inside. The original recipe was written for an 8" skillet, which is a #5. Actual...
  7. Arthur Dent

    Need help scaling my cornbread recipe up

    UPDATE: I found another version of the cornbread recipe that my mother had written down in a different notebook, it was mostly the same as the one I posted earlier, with some minor changes here and there. I took this version and scaled it up by 1.5x, here's what I ended up with: 3 cups yellow...
  8. Arthur Dent

    Need help scaling my cornbread recipe up

    Yes! Crumble up the cornbread into the glass of milk then eat with a spoon. Oh yeah!
  9. Arthur Dent

    Home made donuts

    Tonight we made a batch of donuts from Deb's aunt's recipe. Of course we cooked them in a cast iron pot! It made 55 donuts, and they are wonderful! When Deb went to fill the pot with oil she remembered that she had forgotten to buy cooking oil today. I just happened to have a jug of olive oil...
  10. Arthur Dent

    Need help scaling my cornbread recipe up

    Saranac, your whole post was chock full of good information, but this caught my attention especially. I have always wondered why so many people make their eggs this way. I really dislike eggs made this way. When I scramble eggs I crack them into a medium-hot skillet with with melted butter...
  11. Arthur Dent

    Need help scaling my cornbread recipe up

    Thanks Saranac for that great information, I appreciate your chiming in. Lots of stuff there to think about. I had planned to make a batch tonight, but when I got home from work my wife was making her version of cornbread to go with a big pot of soup that she also made. So, I'll have to wait...
  12. Arthur Dent

    Hello from Florida

    Hi there and welcome to the forum. There for a second I thought I had made a new post in my sleep or something.
  13. Arthur Dent

    Need help scaling my cornbread recipe up

    That's the way my dad likes it actually, but it comes out too thin for me. This is what I was worried about. That and the fraction of an egg. Yes, a lot of cooking recipes in the USA are in volume, especially the old ones. But thanks for the ideas. That's a good point. And I'll look up...
  14. Arthur Dent

    Need help scaling my cornbread recipe up

    My grandmother's cornbread recipe (as written down by my mother 30+ years ago) is perfect for an 8" cast iron skillet. I would like to scale it up to fit 10" and 12" skillets. Is it as simple as finding the volume of the skillets then increasing the ingredients to fit? Here's the recipe: 2...
  15. Arthur Dent

    Any nerds out there?

    My first computer game started with: “You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here.” :grin:
  16. Arthur Dent

    Any nerds out there?

    I met Tom Baker back in '84 at a con in St Louis Mo. That was a blast! Of course I was "twenty something" at the time. It was toward the end of the day and he was worn out but still pleasant to talk to.
  17. Arthur Dent

    Any nerds out there?

    And don't forget Farscape!
  18. Arthur Dent

    Any nerds out there?

    Ahem, actually, Tom Baker was the 4th Doctor.