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  1. nframe

    Dishwashing paste

    I recently bought a tub of dishwashing paste and, as it's quite good, I thought I would try and replicate it. Here is the list of ingredients: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Sodium Cocoate Baking Soda Distilled Vinegar Distilled Water Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil I am confused by the...
  2. nframe

    One pot lotion/cream

    I have made many lotions and creams in the past warming up both water and oil phases and then combining them when they reach the right temperature. The other day, I decided to try and make some lotion in one pot - adding all the ingredients together (except for the cool phase ingredients). It...
  3. nframe

    Lindy's cream soap tutorial

    Last month, I finally made Lindy's cream soap following her tutorial (A Cream Soap Tutorial). It worked very well and it now looks lovely - thank you Lindy if you are still around. And now for a daft question: what can I do with it apart from using it as a replacement for bar soap? Are there...
  4. nframe

    Vinegar and citric acid

    Having read about the benefits of using vinegar in soap, I made a small batch yesterday (500g). I used 70g vinegar (5% acetic acid) and an extra 2.5g NaOH. I also used 10g citric acid and an extra 6.24g NaOH. So, in all I used 8.74g extra NaOH. It all went well but today I was expecting the...
  5. nframe

    Mica suppliers

    I live in the UK and therefore buy micas in the UK. I don't buy them from the US because of the high shipping costs and import duties. My daughter is going to New York in a few months' time and I thought of ordering some and getting them sent to her hotel. My question is: what supplier would...
  6. nframe

    Acetate roll

    I found this on Amazon: Do you think that it would be suitable to line sections of plastic pipe that I want to use as soap moulds?
  7. nframe

    Sticky soap

    I have always used 5% castor oil in my soaps until I came across this thread: In post no. 2 Irish Lass gave a recipe in which she used 23% castor oil. Incidentally, I tried this recipe and the resulting soap is wonderful. Thank you...
  8. nframe

    Palm stearin

    I think I read somewhere that adding palm stearin will give the soap a higher percentage of glycerin. Apart from that, what are the advantages of using palm stearin? How much should be used? 2% of oil weight?
  9. nframe


    When formulating a face/body cream/lotion, I know that the choice of oils will make it more or less suited to certain types of skin (dry, oily, combination). Does the same apply to emulsifiers? For example, is ewax NF better for dry or oily skin? I have ewax NF, BTMS, BTMS-50, Simulgreen...
  10. nframe

    Copper carbonate

    I have a question for the chemists among you: is it safe to use copper carbonate to colour soap? The powder is a beautiful pale green/turquoise colour and I have read that, in an alkaline environment, it turns turquoise. Obviously, I would only use a very small amount but I worry about its...
  11. nframe

    Magnesium carbonate

    I have found on a French website a lady who makes her own deodorant with magnesium carbonate. There was a long thread on the Forum about using magnesium hydroxide for its deodorising virtues. For the chemists among you, is there a difference between magnesium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide...
  12. nframe

    Sodium gluconate

    Is it possible to add this to soap (instead of EDTA)? This is what I read about it: The outstanding property of sodium gluconate is its excellent chelating power, especially in alkaline and concentrated alkaline solutions. It forms stable chelates with calcium, iron, copper, aluminium and other...
  13. nframe

    Bog myrtle essential oil

    I wanted to try this essential oil in soaps but I have heard that it is cancerogenic. Is this true? If you use it in soap, what other essential oil would you mix with it?
  14. nframe

    Salt bars

    I made some salt bars yesterday, poured the batter into three silicone moulds, left them on the worktop and took them out of the mould this morning. I just wonder why the soaps in the flower mould are shiny whereas the others are matte... :???: Has anybody got an explanation for this?
  15. nframe

    Hemp wax

    I must be going mad: I had made a note to buy some hemp wax. I finally found some and bought it and now... I cannot remember what I intended to do with it! I made some lip balm replacing the beeswax with hemp wax and it is a disaster: it looks OK but goes all crumbly when applied to the...
  16. nframe

    Tapioca starch

    I see that soapmakers sometimes add tapioca starch to their soap. I know that tapioca starch is useful in creams and lotions to make them less greasy but what benefit does it bring to CP soap?
  17. nframe

    Storage boxes

    I bought the following storage boxes: I spent a couple of hours sorting out all my colours in the relevant coloured drawer and had a great time! This made me realise that I never need to buy any more...
  18. nframe

    Red wine soap

    I have some leftover red wine (which does not happen very often in this house :wink:) and I would like to try to use it in soap. I know you need to boil it, let it reduce and then freeze it before using but I would like to know two things: 1. Does the lather stay white? 2. Should I...
  19. nframe

    Magnesium hydroxide powder

    I am trying to buy some magnesium hydroxide powder and this is the link given on the forum: As you can see, although it costs about $14 in the US, in the UK it is about £45! I was wondering whether I can use magnesium...
  20. nframe


    I had an operation a month ago and the surgeon recommends that I rub bio-oil on the scar. I had a look at the ingredients of this bio-oil and one of them is "Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum)". Do any of you know this bio-oil? Is it really any good on scars? And would a vegetable oil not be...