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  1. Piero

    Using PVC as a mold....having a few issues with it

    Hello people, Today two posts :D :D After some squared soaps, we decided to try to do some round soaps using the below PVC pipe. We did not have any real problems when we did batches of 500 grams of soap since we were using another pipe to push the soap out. It was not really easy, but we...
  2. Piero

    Natural fixtators for lye soap

    Hello lovely people, With my soap formulas I currently use essential oils but I can't seem to make the aroma stay. In the beggining the aroma is really strong when using it, but it I leave the soap curing for a long period of time (3 months or more) the aroma is not there. I know that comercial...
  3. Piero

    How to understand when to stamp soaps

    Hello people, My second post in this forum, excited :) Together with a friend of mine, we started making some soaps around 2 months ago. We made some CP and HP as well. Now that we are a bit better with the CP, we were wondering when it is the right time to stamp them. We would like to stamp...
  4. Piero

    Hello everyone!

    Hello to all the soap makers, soap lovers and users! I am Piero, originally from Padova, Italy (the country, yeah)! With a friend we are trying to make homemade soaps for us and our friends, you can see an example of what we did in my profile photo :D:):) We are complete newbies and will have...